Past Art Klub Residencies

The Art Klub offers residencies to artists of all disciplines. We request a minimum of 3 weeks, with a maximum of up to 3 months at a time. We are accepting proposals detailing the artist's background and goals for time spent at the Art Klub, and we encourage community outreach while in residency. Time frames and residency fees are negotiable based on needs of artist in terms of space and support. Communication is key!

If you're interested in a residency, please complete and submit the residency proposal here!


Artist-in-Residence March/April 2018: Maya Pen

Maya Pen is a multidisciplinary performance artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Maya's work is based in collaboration in order to pull together various works from a large community of artists and curate devised theater events in nontraditional performance spaces. She has worked with a number of community organizations in Philadelphia such as Philadelphia Young Playwrights, YesAnd! Collaborative Arts, and Puentes de Salud to help empower the rising generation of young artists achieve their goals and serve as agents of change in the world. She works currently as the co-producer of a new podcast in Philadelphia.

Chandler-Thomas-bedside manners.jpg

Artist-in-Residence February/March 2018: Chandler Thomas

While on residency at ArtKlub, I was inspired by how NOLA street performance could function simultaneously as protest, performance, and business. I developed a series of characters I named ‘Cash-Operated Companions’ (COCs) who offer their emotional labor and vulnerability through ‘active listening’ and ‘silent handholding’ for $1 per minute. COCs were placed on the busy streets of Bourbon and Frenchmen, and tourists, transient populations, and locals were happy to find a brief respite from the bustle of the street and experience a moment of human connection and validation. In addition to being playful jesters of the street, COCs act as a vessel for stories of human experience, including moments of indecision, tearful confessions of guilt, and joyful celebrations.The COCs will return to to NOLA in April 2018 with new characters, new street posts, and an initiative to recruit “outside hires.
— Chandler Thomas

If you or someone you know would like to try being a COC, contact the CEO at"

 Photo by Erna Kuik

Photo by Erna Kuik

Artist-in-Residence March 2018: Marije Nie

Tap dancer | Choreographer | Connector

This year I have received an artist grant from the Amsterdam Art Fund which enables me to travel and exchange with other artists. In the course of this grant I have lived, worked and studied in Denmark, Poland and Portugal, and am now planning trips to Bali and Cuba. And now I am coming to New Orleans!

While in New Orleans I will be setting up artist exchanges with local individuals that work in theatre, dance and music. The exchanges can be artistic, but can also be an exchange of thoughts and experiences (artistic, social and economical experiences) around art projects connected to social change, community building or personal artistic biography.

I will be screening my short films and combining that with a tap performance including local musicians / dancers. I am interested to work with any musicians, but especially in those that find a distinctly personal approach to their work.

 Portrait Drawing of Kitty

Portrait Drawing of Kitty

July 2017: Derek Brueckner

Derek Brueckner is an artist and educator who creates, curates, and participates in collaborative performances where he integrates various environments, prosthetic surfaces, audio/voice recordings, text, live-feed and pre-recorded video projections.

Derek's work involves collaborating with dancers, musicians, actors, opera singers, and other visual artists. He intends to utilize his residency time at the Art Klub creating a new series of...

Over the years I have done residencies in Canada, Italy, Brooklyn, Queens, Chicago, and Vermont and would gladly return to the Art Klub given the opportunity to do so again. I am convinced that any cultural workers who keep an open mind, and who pro-actively participate with the Art Klub community and the local New Orleans arts community in general will be blessed with an unforgettable experience at the Art Klub.
— Derek Brueckner
 Mark Mikunas

Mark Mikunas

June 2017: Mark Mikunas

Mark Mikunas has historically been a software engineer and online course instructor/designer, but recently has become an entrepreneur and launched SerenadeMe, a business which combines his love of music and song writing with technology and creativity.

Mark was called to New Orleans to get away from the bluster of Chicago. His residency at the Art Klub is part of longer journey...

Reese helped write and involve several dancers that performed during my show. Kristen read one of my passages, and both were integral in pulling the night off. I feel like I have made lifelong friends with them even in my brief time there.
— Mark Mikunas
 Elizabeth Wautlet

Elizabeth Wautlet

March 2017, Elizabeth Wautlet

Elizabeth Wautlet has created and performed original work for the Inside Stories International Performance Festival in Madison, Wisconsin, the Montmartre Dionysia Labs, Bilingual Acting Workshop and the OuiShare Festival in Paris, as well as the BUC Anglophone Theatre Festival near Versailles, in France. She is an actress and director for The Big Funk Company in Paris and project director of New Voices New Projects, a Paris-based platform for emerging theatre talent. She's an organizing team member of the Paris Fringe Festival and has led theatre workshops throughout France (including Avignon, Paris, La Réunion, Martinique...), in New Orleans and at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Elizabeth is currently an acting instructor at Cours Florent, in Paris.

The ART KLUB artist residency was an invaluable phase in the creation of our show JUBILEE. Andres and I were afforded the necessary time and space in which to produce quality work, and were the grateful beneficiaries of Reese and the ART KLUB’s kind, creative energy. The intimate, engaged audience we had for our work-in-progress provided intelligent, constructive feedback, allowing us to know exactly what our next steps were as we moved forward with our piece. JUBILEE is today a full-fledged, full-length solo performance that I’m proud of... and I owe this in no small way to the time spent at the ART KLUB and in the ever-inspiring city of New Orleans.
— Elizabeth Wautlet