Videos of Art Klub's Past Events


Known Mass No. 3, “St. Maurice” by Ann Glaviano

February 17, 2018

Known Mass was in residency at Art Klub (New Orleans) from November 2017-February 2018 as part of Prospect.4. A work-in-progress showing of Known Mass No. 3, "St. Maurice," was performed on February 17, 2018. Known Mass is directed by Ann Glaviano. The music for Known Mass No. 3, "St. Maurice," was written and performed by Melissa Guion (MJ Guider). Dancers/co-choreographers were Rebecca Allen, Emily Apple, Katya Chizayeva, Lori Crosthwait, Ann Glaviano, Rhia Jade, Reese Johanson, Amanda Kostreva and Catherine Nelson. Videography by Lindsey Phillips. Known Mass's residency was part of a series curated by Meryl Murman for Art Klub's Prospect.4 "Scavengers" exhibit; the series was entitled "The Aesthetics of Garbage."