Art Klub Residencies

The Art Klub is accepting proposals for Artist Residencies!

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Please let us know if you are relying on grants to afford the residency and if you need letters of intent or budget lines for your grant seeking proposals.
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Art Klub NOLA offers residencies to artists of all disciplines. As a resident artist at Art Klub you have access to living space, working / studio space, exhibition / show space, public relations and promotional support by way of being featured on our website, in press releases, email newsletters, social media highlights and included in our regular programming. We also offer production support for your presentation, help with contacts and networking and we offer the opportunity to make money during your residency by teaching workshops or classes, or through ticket sales to your show, or sales of your art work in our gallery. 

The way we structure residencies at Art Klub begins with the artist approaching us with a focus and a goal. Not that we are product oriented, we are totally process-oriented, however at the end of the residency we request some sort of a public presentation of the work done while in residency. We understand that one's proposal might change while here, that's all part of the process. Furthermore, we understand that an artist might be working on a project that has a scheduled unveiling or world debut that would make it impossible to show the work done at Art Klub. Each residency is different and we aim to work with the individual artist to make their residencies as rich, fulfilling and productive as possible.

Art Klub is a vegetarian property. Please be aware that Art Klub does not support the sale, serving or consumption of animal products on site. Thank you for understanding! 

Our main goals for residencies are:

  • To provide working and/or living space to artists while they are exploring their art or engaged in artist evolution.

  • To support the artist's process and realization of creation.

  • Encouraging the artist to incorporate community engagement into their process and work in some way.

  • To publicly exhibit a final culmination of the work created, or still in process, during their time at Art Klub.

We request a minimum of 3 weeks and offer up to 4 months time frame per residency.

Residency lengths are approved after considering other residences, programming and happenings in and around Art Klub.

Residency fees are determined by the artist's studio, living or art related support needed, and the time frame of the residency requested. Fees could be as low as a hundred a week to a couple thousand a month depending on the artist's needs. If you are seeking grants to afford the residency fees and you are not a non-profit organization, please know Art Klub is is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization who may act as a fiscal sponsor on your behalf. See our fiscal sponsorship page for more information.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to be considered for a residency at Art Klub, please fill out the following to the best of your ability. If you do not have the information the application requests, just type in Not Applicable or To Be Determined.