Aug 2018 - Aug 2019: Damani Butler

Artist-in-Residence: Damani Butler

Artist Statement

I'm an experimental, multi/mixed media, artist lyricist and music producer from Oakland California now living in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializing in interactive audio, visual and physical object art with a focus on up-cycled electronics and unique furniture.

I feel it's important that anyone dealing with me as an artist and creative being knows that I'm more than dedicated to my craft. At an early age I decided I was beyond all in, forsaking the standard conventional and safe approach to life, I took to the streets of the world starting in Oakland with a pure and wholehearted intention to do my art and music no matter what it took. For the majority of the time that I have been learning and practicing, I have also been homeless with formal education stopping after high school. I say with conviction and confidence that my approach to life has been a purely creative affair.

Residency at Art Klub

For my next show I intend to implement my new updated skill-set as well as all that I have learned in the past. It will be an experimental, interactive audio, video, still image and physical object art installation featuring a new experimental band, all new works and art pieces, the release of a compilation album featuring selected recordings from the last show and the debut of the docu-series documentary project I'm working on, "Adventures in Art and Music".

Artist Bio: Damani Butler has spent the last 25 + years informally training and educating himself in all areas of creative and technical interest, developing and evolving his skill-set by way of volunteering for skilled professionals in exchange for knowledge and guidance, watching instructional videos, attending workshops and training programs, reading and studying books, manuals, instructions and other literature on all subjects relative, watching and asking questions as well as good, old fashioned DIY practice, trial and error. He has independently completed a library of works in the fields of art, experimental music and lyricism often combining the three as he feels.

Some of these works include:

-Audio productions in the genres of underground hip hop, experimental electronic music, audio art, sound experimentation projects and even coining and naming my own genre, "Crack Rock"

-Short and medium length video productions in the categories of music video, installation and project documentation/presentation, video art and I'm presently working on a documentary called "Adventures in Art and Music"

-Interactive audio art pieces such as a favorite from my last show where I completely extracted an old laptop from its original casing while leaving all circuitry and hardware intact then remounting everything to the interior,exterior and contour of an interesting piece of furniture I found and restored. While still being able to turn the laptop on and use as a completely functional laptop, I then loaded samples of my audio, video and still image art to be displayed and played on the still intact and working laptop screen and heard through speakers surrounding the gallery.

I installed audio editing and production software onto the hard drive that could access an all original sound bank I created as part of an ongoing audio capturing and editing exercise project. The sound bank could be triggered live using midi controllers by anyone choosing to interact.

I write, produce and perform all of my own material as far as songwriting, beat/track production and recording and live performance as well as booking and organizing: several public, private and specifically exclusive audio, video and artistic exercises, projects, shows, parties, events and gatherings, some solo and some to include select individuals in the creative community.

My last public art installation was at a gallery in Berkeley California in October , 2015. It was an interactive audio art installation with a focus on up-cycled electronics, mostly found, fixed, repurposed and reconfigured computers, electronic instruments and interesting pieces of furniture. The show also featured an experimental electronic band I started with the intention of demonstrating the musical dynamic of the installation. The band held private and public demonstrations and recording sessions.


Artist-in-Residency Event(s)