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Open Screen - Femme Film

An Open Screen Editions Experiment - FEMME FILM will be a unique evening inviting Female Filmmakers ONLY to screen and chat about their work, with an ALL-FEMALE audience. 

Open Screen is an 'open-mic night' for filmmakers to share new, old, or works-in-progress. Any film, Any genre. First come, first screened. 10min maximum, 1 film per filmmaker. (DVD, Quicktime or MP4)

This will be a great night to connect with other women producing local cinema.

For more information and to participate as a film maker contact: 

The Femme Film Open Screen Is Being Held 

At Art Klub

1941 Arts Street, 

7pm Doors; Films 7:30 

See You There!


                                       COMMENTS ON FEMME FILM OPEN SCREEN

Having Been Approached To Host This Event, Of Course It Concerns Me To Support Anything That It Is Exclusionary Of Any Group Of People. If We Have Any Political Focus At The Art Klub It Would Be To Stand Up Against Oppression Of All Kinds. In Considering Whether Or Not It Would Be Against Our Values To Host Something That Is Exclusionary Of Men, I Finally Came To The Conclusion That The Oppression Of Women In The Arts Brings This Group To A Place Desiring A Safe Safe Place For Expression For Women. Sadly Even In The United States Where The Rhetoric Is That Everyone Has Freedom And Equality, Equal To That Of The White Man Just Is Not So. There Is A Veil That Minorities Must Filter Through, Based On The Ingrained Culture In Our Country, That Subconsciously Presents White Men As WORD.

I Think The Best Point For Me Surrounding This Was Made By The Gentleman Who Posted :

I Honestly Don't Have A Problem With The Occasional Women Only Screening. As A Musician I Know Only Too Well That Women Are STILL Underrepresented In Almost Every Aspect Of Life. And The Arts, Sadly, Are No Exception. I Also Know That Women Need To Work Much Harder Than Men To Prove Themselves And That They Constantly Feel That They Need Men's Approval, Or At The Very Least, Be Careful Not To Hurt Men's Fragile Ego's. It's Stupid And Ridiculous That They Have To Feel That Way In This Day And Age And We In The Arts Community Should Bend Over Backwards To Make EVERYONE Feel Accepted. And The Sad Truth Is We Don't. Otherwise There'd Be At Least As Many Female Musicians Gigging And Working Regularly As Male Musicians And There Aren't. Not Even Close, In Fact. So In My Mind A Women Only Screening Is An Opportunity For Female Filmmakers To Escape The Pressure Of A Male Dominated World For A Few Hours And Discuss Each Others' Work Without Having To Worry About Male Approval Etc.

Sorry Men, Please Understand That Hosting This Event It Is Not To Exclude Men, My Interpretation Of The Orientation Of This Event Is That It Is A Reaction Against The Constant Oppression Of Women, In This Case In Film, That Has Them Desire To Create An Event That Is A Safe Place For Women To Show Their Films, And Discuss Their Films, To A Specific Demographic Of A Human Being, In This Case Women Only In Audience.

The Art Klub's Participation Is Not A Sexist Statement Against Men, But Rather A Show Of Support For A More Prominent Female Voice In Film.  X

XX- Reese