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Featured Artist Talks: FLOCK

Featured Artist Talks: FLOCK

Please join Meryl Murman, Ann Giaviano and Nick Shamblott of FLOCK for a discussion of their artistic inspirations, expressions and how the audience informs the final presentation. 


FLOCK is a constellation of distinct individuals under the artistic direction of Meryl Murman dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary performance through inquiry, curiosity and play.

Meryl Murman creates at the intersection of cinema and performance with the moving body as her central instrument. Inclined toward that which is messy, fragile, vulnerable and chaotic, her work questions intimacy in the modern age. She remains curious about exploring new systems for creating the reproducible image, particularly ones that rely more on corporeal literacy than visual. Borrowed Trauma was originally tested in Vienna at ImpulsTanz International Dance Festival and IDOCDE Symposium, and has continued to develop through the rigor and curiosity of various groups of people from Greece to Los Angeles.

Ann Glaviano is a writer, DJ, dancer, and dance-maker born and based in New Orleans. Her writing has appeared in Tin House, Antigravity, Slate, Prairie Schooner, Ninth Letter, and other literary publications. Her performance project, Known Mass, is an ongoing collaboration between local dancers and musicians, aesthetically and ethically motivated by devised-theatre and DIY punk traditions; iterations of Known Mass have been staged at Art Klub, Marigny Opera House, and the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center in Ocean Springs, MS for their first annual Fall Dance Festival. Pretty much everyone in Ann’s family was baptized at St. Maurice Church in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Nick Shamblott is a cinematographer and photographer living in New Orleans. Driven by a fascination of both the objective and subjective properties of image making his research is conducted in photographic and cinematic mediums varying from single images to feature films. Through these studies he hopes to reach a fluency in both image making as well as gain a higher understanding of our own perceptual systems and their accompanying philosophical implications.

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