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TBH: Artivism Dance Theatre's Sophia Rabinovitz at Bayou Boogaloo

Title: TBH

In "TBH" Artivism Dance Theatre takes a look back at our childhood bullies and how bullying effected us then and now. Bullying takes many forms, in this work we discuss physical, gender, sexuality, and economic bullying. “TBH” is intended for young audiences and is accompanied by an anti-bullying workshop that provides a space for youth to discuss their own conflicts with bullying using movement and text. Yet everyone of all ages have been victims or perpetrators of bullying. We hope our adult audiences will find a connection to this work in their own histories and that we can grow as a community from our individual traumas.

Performances: Cameron Mitchell-Ware, Sophia Rabinovitz, Elle Ciccarone-Jones, Sophia Dietzel