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Awayteam House Party #1

#Awayteam House Party 2017 #1

Sunday, May 28th 2017
3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

1941 Arts St. NOLA

$5 w/ #Awayteam MC
$10 pre sale (non members)
$15 at the door (non members)


Somewhere between the sunny, vibrant feels of a day party and chill, unrestricted vibes of a kickback lies #Awayteam House Party. An uber curated series of experiences featuring soulful food creations, bottomless cups of Jack Daniels, and a special mix of tunes that don’t echo Saturday night club vibes. Each edition will draw from the space it’s in to inspire a unique combination of elements making each episode different from the last. 

With Black Swan on the eats, Jack Daniels on the drink and DJ RQ Away on the sounds we welcome you to come and enjoy something hot and fresh at #Awayteam House Party.

Views from the #Awayteam House Party series in 2016: 

AHP 2016 #1 - 

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