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The Aesthetics of Garbage: LAB 4


The Aesthetics of Garbage: Light Moving Through Time

ARTIST: Nick Shamblott (Photography, Movement)

How does time affect our perception of movement? Scientifically, it is the movement of light across space that allows us to quantify or conceptualize an objective unit of time. Photography presents an interesting opportunity to observe this relationship in that, by permitting us to treat time as a variable, it allows us to record light over longer periods of time than our perceptual systems would otherwise allow.

Through a series of long exposures made onto film this project will explore the, otherwise imperceptible, relationships and phenomenon that occur in movement as we dilate the period of time we observe/record it.

“Of all the garbage that threatens us, the most dangerous are the masses of discarded ideas.”
                                ----Bohumil Hrabal

Artifact: something characteristic of or resulting from a particular human institution, period, trend or individual.

The Aesthetics of Garbage is an ongoing research laboratory for projects that scavenge, explore and reflect on discarded ideas. Curated by FLOCK and lasting the duration of Prospect 4, artists Ann Glaviano, Nick Shamblott, Caitlin Adams, Milo Daemgen and Meryl Murman will engage with each other, collaborating artists and the public in critical conversations and experiments that respond to cultural artifacts, lost causes, abandoned plans, and forgotten ideas through various media.

*NOTE: All Labs are open to public viewing. In the Labs, the artists will share how you may interact and engage with them and the work.

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