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13th Night Scavenger Costume Sale & Show


13th Night Scavenger Costume Show & Sale

Sale: 6:00-10:00pm
Show: 8:00pm

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Info: 504-505-4113:

Kick off Carnival season in true Scavenger style! This 13th Night Costume Show & Sale spotlights one-of-a-kind Carnival costumery by the city's most creative designers, who scavenge recycled materials and transform them into fantastical disguises and boho haute couture.

Spearheaded by wearable assemblage artist Cree McCree, who's produced cutting-edge fashion shows for 15 years, the 13th Night design team includes Oliver Manhattan, Calamity, Howlpop, Lana Guerra, Chloe Rose, Kate McNee, Marcela Singleton and visiting artist Haute Stuff.

DJ Lingerie soundtracks this rockin' night of revelry, with beer, wine and artisanal 13th Night cocktails available at the Art Klub cash bar.

Costumes can be purchased before & after the show from the designers, who will also be taking orders for private commissions.

SCAVENGERS is a multi-disciplinary, collective exhibition at the Art Klub complex, a Prospect 4 Satellite Site. SCAVENGERS artists are united by a common interest in the value and life cycle of ordinary objects. Scavengers give new life to what is discarded. They hunt for materials and gather ideas from their surroundings. They reconnect us to our culture and landscape by reimagining the materials they reclaim for their art.