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Sweet Spot by Reese Johanson


Sweet Spot by Reese Johanson

The Sweet Spot is a training for composition with intention towards performance.

Pay What You Can 🙂

This is for composition of work with intention towards creating performance. Please be able to commit to 6 weeks (ok, so I get it if you have to miss one), but the idea is to create something as an ensemble to possibly perform at Art Klub. ❤ (Not mandatory to perform)

The Sweet Spot starts with a warm up that focuses on finding the greatest range of movement, flexibility and strength using the least possible effort and impact on the body. Inspired from exploration of various physical training including Joan Evans Technique, Floor Barre, Yoga, Release Technique, ballet and good old-fashioned calisthenics and stretching.

Then we explore Mary Overlie's Viewpoints and Joan Evans Techniques to create works of play and performance.

Also introducing Daniela Marcozzi who will be visiting from Berlin on her way from NYC, PS 122 performance of her solo show, Lacuna. She will be performing at Art Klub and leading workshops while she is here.

Daniela's "The Urge of Being" workshop will replace Sweet Spot on Wed. Sept 19th