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‘33(a kabarett)

‘33(a kabarett)

a one man musical, written and performed by Bremner Duthie

  • with original direction by Dave Dawson

  • new direction by Joseph Furnari

  • dramaturgy by Caroline Russell-King and Rob Burns

  • original choreography by Julie Tomaino and Tracy Darin

  • song rights for '33(a kabarett) secured by Della Music Publishing

TICKETS: $15 Advance Online, $18 Door.


In the ruins of a Cabaret theatre, an actor tumbles onto a darkened stage. When the lights come up he finds himself alone. His friends and colleagues have disappeared, arrested by the authorities. Only their glittering, torn costumes remain. In order to escape the same fate and survive, the actor should run and vanish into the night, but an audience has slipped through the broken door. So, in tribute, he uses all his talents to joyously recreate the acts of the missing company. The Funnyman, the Showgirl, the Song and Dance Man and the rest of his troupe spring to life as the actor pays homage to his disappeared friends . '33(a kabarett) features 9 songs from the era, with new arrangements by Bremner's jazz trio.

The show was awarded Best Show and Best Performance at the London Fringe Festival. Best of Venue at the Winnipeg Festival. It was invited to be the opening performance of the festival in Armenia dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. It was awarded the top Jury Prize at international arts festivals in the Ukraine, in Russia, in Germany and in Ulan Bator!

Performed and written by Bremner, the darkly humorous monodrama is based directly on texts of survivors and oppressors from the 1930's, and on texts from periods of cultural repression up to the present day. It is not just about Germany in 1933. One of the main monologues is a cut-up between a speech by Hitler and a speech on Freedom by one of America's current radical right wing politicians. '33 offers a hopeful and realistic insight into the struggle against censorship and repression. It speaks to the challenge of honoring the memory of the disappeared. It says we must grieve in sorrow, but we can choose to fight back with energy, humor, laughter, and life.


Video Preview!

'33, a one-man Weimar cabaret Written and performed by Bremner Duthie, original direction by Dave Dawson, new direction by Joseph Furnari, dramaturgy by Caroline Russell-King and Rob Burns, original choreography by Julie Tomaino and Barry Stoneking and Tracy Darin '33 is a 'Kabarett of Ghosts' - a performance piece that recreates the final night in a cabaret, destroyed by the Security Forces.
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