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Workshop Balinese Kecak with Marije Nie

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Workshop Balinese Kecak with Marije Nie

In this workshop we will dive a little into the ancient tradition of Balinese kecak, which uses simple rhythmic and harmonic patterns to create an interweaving carpet of voices. It is a fun way to make music together, with lots of energy and dynamics. 

No previous experience with music or singing is needed. However, because of the unique character of the kecak, it is also a challenge and unique challenge for experienced musicians and singers. 

If you know how to rap, sing, speak a poem or a story, please let me know and we can see how to incorporate your skills into the kecak.

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About the kecak
Kecak is a unique tradition from Bali. It's roots run deep into the heart of Balinese culture. Originally the kecak was a trance ritual, but nowadays it is used for music and theater performances. 

About the teacher
I am a professional tap dancer and performer from Amsterdam, and very happy to do a short residency in the Art Klub in March 2018. The kecak has captured my heart and imagination from the very first moment, which strangely enough was not in Bali but in a small apartment in Manhattan, New York! Since then I have been performing and teaching the kecak all over the world, including in Bali. It is always an incredibly joy to share this powerful tradition with people.

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