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Electric Dream Lounge


Electric Dream Lounge

Every Wednesday / 7-10pm


Weekly Creative space & Happy hour with Chris Naughtypie showcasing performances by an eclectic array of local artists. Each presentation will feature a new guest artist with which the mood of the event will be based.


About SQUiT
I am an aspiring DJ/Producer based in New Orleans, LA, mixing and experimenting with various forms of electronic dance music. I enjoying finding obscure and uniquely composed EDM and love exposing them to various audiences, giving then an alternative perspective to the genre than to what they hear on the radio and other mainstream outlets.

I believe that EDM/IDM is more that feet movers. It's also about emotion and firing up the imagination. It's about taking mental field trips without the aid of hallucinogens.It's a genre that always inspires and fascinates me and I hope to share that by playing various cuts to share with the public and hopefully, develop cuts of my own.

Free and open to the public!

Contributions for the artists will be gladly accepted.