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Portal Juice


Portal Juice

Portal Juice was a multimedia storytelling labyrinth exploring the relationship between human, machine, and animal. The goal was to document a live audience's experience interacting with activities/visual cues that would trigger the persons identification with one of these expressions (human, animal, or machine).

Artistic Process

Chandler Thomas and Maya Pen began by exploring their own relationship to their minds and bodies, identifying which situations cause them to delve into their primal selves, the circumstances that compel them to act mechanically and effectively, and the conditions which humanize us. From this exploration, they brainstormed a variety of environments that might cause a person to decisively engage with either our human, machine, or animal selves, including: sound association, play, construction, temperature and texture, taste, privacy, and sexual innuendo. Using their experience with fibers, sculpture, storytelling and performance, they created a maze installation that would create intersections of choice for people to be confronted with that trinity of expressions.


Earlier Event: May 6
Open Studio *First Sundays*
Later Event: May 7
Kids Brass Jam (Encore Lesson!)