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Perspectives II - Billie Davies


Perspectives II - Billie Davies

Perspectives that affect all human beings, regardless of race, nationality, culture, gender, creed, religion, politics, social status and personhood. Abstract Expressionist Improvisations Neither confused by the light Nor blinded by dogma, color or political correctness. An ever evolving improvisation, a message to raise the awareness of life and living, love and loving from a deeply natural, instinctive perspective, so people start to listen to their heart, to feel their soul, without fear, wholly responsible for every action taken, and in doing so feel truly happy and fulfilled in harmony with mother nature.

$18 general admission
$15 for artists seniors students teachers


Following the improvisational exploration of “PERSPECTIVES I”, performed at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, Music at the Mint on January 31 2018, the project finale, “PERSPECTIVES II”, continues an all spontaneous, instinctive, intuitive improvisation inspired by 7 perspectives, words and 7 chakra musical keys, expressed by a quartet of piano / keys, baritone sax / flute, bass and drums, vocals / spoken word by 2 female vocalists and 2 female dancers.

The performance will have the BILLIE DAVIES trio with: Billie Davies (drums), Evan Oberla (piano/keys), Oliver Watkinson (bass) Featuring Ari Kohn (reeds), Iris P New Orleans (vocals), Allie Porter (vocals) and 2 dancers from the Artivism Dance Theatre will be recorded live for sound and video.

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