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Artivism Dance Theatre presents "The Elephants"

If we knew each other’s secrets, what comforts we should find.
— John Churton Collins

Artivism Dance Theatre presents

The Elephants

Artivism Dance Theatre’s latest project takes on the things ‘we’ as a collective and as a greater society do not talk about and why. In this age of pseudo-reality fueled by social media and fake news; what does it mean to be truly honest with ourselves and with others? Though we swim constantly in a stream of selfies and 120 character missives there remain vulnerable areas we do not discuss publicly. In a world where our whole lives are made public, what do we not talk about and why?


Early Bird: $10
General Admission: $17
Student/Artist/Teacher: $12



About Artivism Dance Theatre

Artivism Dance Theatre is a New Orleans based collective dedicated to bringing awareness of social issues to a wide range of audiences through dance theatre. Artivism aims to generate discussion amongst its audiences and open a dialogue around these important issues. We prioritize communication of social message over esoteric performance, often using multimedia techniques in our work. We believe that art, and specifically movement, can communicate perspective and experience across gaps in culture, language, and tradition that might otherwise remain un-breachable.

Sponsored by Abita Beer and Old New Orleans Rum