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Movement Research with Natalie Cohen

Photo Credit: Julie Verlinden

Photo Credit: Julie Verlinden

Movement Research with Natalie Cohen

This class is for All levels , All disciplines , All bodies!

The material is inspired by the Axis Syllabus principles for motor skills which is derived from different sciences such as anatomy, physics and bio-mechanics. Through shared and individual inquiry, we will investigate the body's function in movement and research and fine tune our understanding of the human body, it's organization, and it's optimal function in dynamic and quotidian movement.

Classes will focus on different weekly topics such as Gait mechanics, spiral lines, landing and launching pads, spinal mechanics, motor masses, rhythm, and more!

Cost: $15/class
*no one turned away for lack of funds*


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About Natalie Cohen:

A native New Yorker with Middle Eastern and North African roots, Natalie has spent her life discovering cultures, investigating and expressing movement since the age of eleven. She has traveled and lived across the world on over four continents, serving different communities through dance, teaching, and environmental work.

Her movement adventures began in Israel when she joined the Tnuatron Dance Company. Returning to New York, she attended Laguardia High School of the Performing arts and she received a BFA degree in dance from CalArts in 2007. She is now residing in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a candidate teacher of the Axis Syllabus she is devoted to the International Research community of the Axis Syllabus, an outlet that researches human movement through the lenses of anatomy, biomechanics, physics and other sciences. She recently choreographed an evening length dance piece, called Tabularasa, involving ten international dancers in Romania. The project titled "social choreographies" focused on healing trauma through movement and social dances. Natalie is also an avid contact improviser, exploring this art form as a way of life and understanding of relationships.
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