Current Residencies

The Art Klub offers residencies to artists of all disciplines. We request a minimum of 3 weeks, with a maximum of up to 3 months at a time.

We are accepting proposals detailing the artist's background and goals for time spent at the Art Klub, and we encourage community outreach while in residency. Time frames and residency fees are negotiable based on needs of artist in terms of space and support. Communication is key!

If you're interested in a residency, please complete and submit the residency proposal here!


Artist-in-Residence March - May 2019: Alison Huber

Los Angeles based artist Alison Clare Huber constructs thick layered paintings that aggressively confront death, mourning, and the effects of both on relationships. Looking at this through the eyes of a dyke and a recovering Catholic which often results in the appearance of classic Catholic symbols alongside genitalia. While studying at California Institute of the Arts, where Huber received her Bachelor in Fine Arts, she discovered her signature painting technique. Creating patchy walls made of construction materials and paint and then attacking the existing material with sharp tools—cutting away false truths until a new language is interpreted. Often hyper-sexualized, always sensitive, and bearing the marks of sweat-inducing physical work—the paintings are relentless quests to understand how love is affected by loss, how sex is affected by war, to learn how you are doing, and how to be free. Sculptures are typically shown alongside the paintings. Huber welds steel interpretations of sculptures remembered from her childhood growing up in Midwest Catholic schools and churches. Using sculpture as a way for viewers to become participants—eliminating barriers and highlighting the use of play as a source of survival. Alison Clare Huber's work highlights traumas, but only while also highlighting the daily attempt to heal.


Artist-in-Residence (ongoing): Clifford McPeek

Clifford McPeek is Art Klub’s New Music Director!

Clifford has over 30 years as a professional musician and music teacher. He plays and teaches all brass instruments as well as guitar, bass and beats. He will be leading the Kids Brass Jam sessions.

Artist Bio: Clifford has many interests in art and music. Writing music and directing bands was his first interest in the 1980's, providing travel, exposure and experience. Opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1985 and performing with the Dead Kennedy's, in addition to performing for University bands for scholarships began an interest in different parts of society. Later in the 1990's he worked for public schools and art organizations in Chattanooga, TN and Birmingham, AL, including The Shaking Ray Levi Society, Barking Legs Theater and Birmingham Art Association. Working for cruise lines as an instrumentalist from 1999-2004, he began writing shows for bigger stages. After 2005, he became interested in Marching Bands and music lessons in New Orleans and continues to support and participate in many arts activities.

rjc - extraordinarily ordinary.jpg

rj(c) reese johanson collective (ongoing)

reese johanson collective is a multidisciplinary performing arts company with a mission to challenge artists to work outside of their comfort zone, encourage them to engage with artists whom they might not normally and collaboratively create works of performance that are innovative, poignant, risky, and human.

We often invite artists outside of our company to work and perform with us and accordingly, we seek opportunities outside of our regular stomping grounds.


Artist-in-Residence (ongoing): Damani Butler

Damani is an experimental, multi/mixed media, artist lyricist and music producer from Oakland California now living in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializing in interactive audio, visual and physical object art with a focus on up-cycled electronics and unique furniture. For his next Art Klub show, he intends to combine new and old skills in an experimental, interactive audio, video, still image and physical object art installation featuring a new experimental band, all new works and art pieces, and the release of a compilation album featuring selected recordings from the last show and the debut of the docu-series documentary project "Adventures in Art and Music".


Dance Theatre-in-Residence 2018-2019: Artivism Dance Theatre

Artivism Dance Theatre aims to create dance theatre works with a social message. The company’s goal is to generate a discussion amongst its audiences and use dance theatre to express the necessity for open dialogue around important social issues. It is also a mentoring program/youth activism organization in which young performers with a desire to make an impact through their artistry can come together with professionals and collaborate. In this way, we strive to both produce work that speaks to the current social and political issues in our society and to create an environment where the next generation of artists can learn how to combine their passion for social justice with their love of dance theatre.