Current Residencies

The Art Klub offers residencies to artists of all disciplines. We request a minimum of 3 weeks, with a maximum of up to 3 months at a time.

We are accepting proposals detailing the artist's background and goals for time spent at the Art Klub, and we encourage community outreach while in residency. Time frames and residency fees are negotiable based on needs of artist in terms of space and support. Communication is key!

If you're interested in a residency, please complete and submit the residency proposal here!


Artist-in-Residence Feb - Mar 2019: Peter Mallen


Peter Mallen a professional visual artist who works in various media - sculpture, painting, and graphics. He recently completed a long, successful and happy career as an Illustrator for a scientific research foundation in Boston. During the past year, he traveled extensively, as both an international artist-in-residence as well as a working visual artist in Morocco, Greece and France. His work has recently been included in an international woodcut exhibition in Kyoto, and a solo show in Provincetown. A show of his Works on Paper is currently on view at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge, MA.

While in residency at Art Klub NOLA, Peter plans on being accessible and open as a working artist, within the neighborhood and the community, and to present his work publicly by means of an open studio and an exhibition, which includes an “ArtAttack” workshop, followed by an open studio, and public placement for the art produced by the workshop participants. Art pieces produced would be seen as independent public art and dispersed throughout the community for exposure and appropriation. The negotiable theme that is focused on social justice, and/or of importance, or, specific to New Orleans (e.g. “RESPECT” or “ART HAPPENS HERE”).

Peter would also like to produce a concise artist book on his daily experience called Ephemerides New Orleans (from the Latin ephemeris meaning diary that reflects his ongoing interest in astronomy and celestial navigation. He recently completed an artist book celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication of Siderus Nuncius by Galileo. His work featured drawings of the moon, honoring Galileo’s observation via the telescope he invented. Using a technique combining drawing and printmaking, Peter will interpret his daily observations around NOLA, and adapt them into a concertina-format book.


Artist-in-Residence Dec 2018 - April 2019: Rosalie Smith

Rosalie Smith is an emerging artist born in Blacksburg, VA. She grew up in Upstate New York, Miami, and New Orleans, where she currently resides. She completed her BA in Studio Art and Landscape Studies at Smith College in 2015, primarily under the guidance of Lynne Yamamoto, Kevin Quashie, and John Gibson. She has shown her work at venues such as The Freezer (Skagastrond, Iceland), Janotta Gallery (Northampton, MA), The Furnace (Albany, NY), Antenna Gallery (New Orleans, LA), Alice Galleries (Islesboro, ME), Brand New Orleans Gallery (New Orleans, LA), and the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans), among others. Smith recently concluded her position as Teaching Artist in Residence at Snow Farm Craft School in Williamsburg, MA, and has previously completed a residency at Nes Artist Residency (Skargastrond, Iceland).

During her time at Art Klub, Smith will create and develop two installations to be installed outdoors at Art Klub, pertaining to struggle for permanence, grief, and the torrid landscape of New Orleans. She will also produce work to be shown at Book Club Gallery in February 2019, Barrister's Gallery in May 2019, and Aquarium Gallery in June 2019.

Rosalie Smith profile.jpg

Artist-in-Residence Dec 2018 - Feb 2019: Mari Kornhauser


Mari Kornhauser is an award winning writer/director with three feature films produced and distributed. Recently, she wrote her first three-act play, “Renovation”, which was work-shopped and produced by ArtSpot Productions in New Orleans. Currently, she has finished an audience interactive one-act play, “Seeking Asylum”, created a web-series (the pilot is in post production) and is developing a one-hour television series. In addition, she is a tenured Full Professor at Louisiana State University where she teaches film and television writing at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. She lives in New Orleans.

While in residence at the Art Klub, she will be taking auditions and staging a performance of “Seeking Asylum" - a one-act, two character, audience interactive play that takes place in the future world of 2040, based on early 20th Century Immigration polices, but explores the issue of seeking asylum in today’s United States.


Artist-in-Residence Aug 2018 ongoing: Damani Butler

Damani is an experimental, multi/mixed media, artist lyricist and music producer from Oakland California now living in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializing in interactive audio, visual and physical object art with a focus on up-cycled electronics and unique furniture. For his next Art Klub show, he intends to combine new and old skills in an experimental, interactive audio, video, still image and physical object art installation featuring a new experimental band, all new works and art pieces, and the release of a compilation album featuring selected recordings from the last show and the debut of the docu-series documentary project "Adventures in Art and Music".


Artist-in-Residence Summer 2018-2019: Matthew Spiegel

Matthew has been interested in composing music since age 10. He always liked minor key signatures; basically anything that challenges what a person can perceive as musical and he likes anything that contributes to the dimensions that music can be experienced.

While at the Art Klub, Matthew will be spending time in the electrical audio laboratory, mixing new concoctions. He will be experimenting with new approaches and applications for music and sounds, even ones that are just new to him personally, and utilizing familiar approaches too.

ADT Untitled (2 of 2).jpg

Dance Theatre-in-Residence 2018-2019: Artivism Dance Theatre

Artivism Dance Theatre aims to create dance theatre works with a social message. The company’s goal is to generate a discussion amongst its audiences and use dance theatre to express the necessity for open dialogue around important social issues. It is also a mentoring program/youth activism organization in which young performers with a desire to make an impact through their artistry can come together with professionals and collaborate. In this way, we strive to both produce work that speaks to the current social and political issues in our society and to create an environment where the next generation of artists can learn how to combine their passion for social justice with their love of dance theatre.