2018-2019 Dance Theater in Residence - Artivism Dance Theatre

Artivism Dance Theatre

Artivism Dance Theatre aims to create dance theatre works with a social message. The company’s goal is to generate a discussion amongst its audiences and use dance theatre to express the necessity for open dialogue around important social issues. It is also a mentoring program/youth activism organization in which young performers with a desire to make an impact through their artistry can come together with professionals and collaborate. In this way, we strive to both produce work that speaks to the current social and political issues in our society and to create an environment where the next generation of artists can learn how to combine their passion for social justice with their love of dance theatre.

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My history of activism and my studies in world cultures has inspired me to use my art form as a catalyst for dialogue about social justice issues. I believe that art, and dance specifically, has the potential to speak to significant world matters in a way that words often cannot capture.
— Sophia Rabinovitz, Artistic Director/Founder, Artivism Dance Theatre

Sophia Rabinovitz

Artistic Director and Founder Sophia Rabinovitz has been creating work since she could walk and directing since she could speak. She began formally training at the age of six and holds a BFA in Dance, a BA in Anthropology from Temple University and a MA in Dance Cultures from the University of Surrey. Her training in dance consists of a multitude of different forms and her choreography reflects this diversity. Sophia’s choreography is varied in its origin and innovative in its combination of movement styles, such as West African, Caribbean, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Latin dance. She strongly believes in the power of movement to express ideas, educate, and to encourage discussion about major issues in our society. This belief has inspired Sophia to create Artivism Dance Theatre, producing work that reflects the world we live in and inspiring dialogue about important issues in our society.

Ms. Rabinovitz founded Artivism in 2015 and became the artist in residence for The Art Klub, New Orleans in 2017. The company has a yearly platform MOVEment for Change that showcases artists from all  disciplines who incorporate social justice themes into their work. In the spring of 2018, Artivism began running a serious of workshops for those affected by the criminal justice system in collaboration with the Youth Study Center in Orleans Parish. We are looking forward to all the empowerment and artistry to come!


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