Dec 2018 - April 2019: Rosalie Smith

Artist-in-Residence: Rosalie Smith

Rosalie Smith profile.jpg

Rosalie Smith is an emerging artist born in Blacksburg, VA. She grew up in Upstate New York, Miami, and New Orleans, where she currently resides. She completed her BA in Studio Art and Landscape Studies at Smith College in 2015, primarily under the guidance of Lynne Yamamoto, Kevin Quashie, and John Gibson. She has shown her work at venues such as The Freezer (Skagastrond, Iceland), Janotta Gallery (Northampton, MA), The Furnace (Albany, NY), Antenna Gallery (New Orleans, LA), Alice Galleries (Islesboro, ME), Brand New Orleans Gallery (New Orleans, LA), and the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans), among others. Smith recently concluded her position as Teaching Artist in Residence at Snow Farm Craft School in Williamsburg, MA, and has previously completed a residency at Nes Artist Residency (Skargastrond, Iceland).

During her time at Art Klub, Smith will create and develop two installations to be installed outdoors at Art Klub, pertaining to struggle for permanence, grief, and the torrid landscape of New Orleans. She will also produce work to be shown at Book Club Gallery in February 2019, Barrister's Gallery in May 2019, and Aquarium Gallery in June 2019.

Outdoor Installation: January 11th/12th/13th, 2019

Outdoor Installation: March 8th/9th/10th, 2019

Open Studios: Early April, 2019

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