Fall 2018: Ryan Leitner

Artist-in-Residence: Ryan Leitner

Artist Statement:: Following my father’s Naval career as a child, I’ve always had a fascination with water and its ability to connect disparate places. Employing it as a medium, I work with the ancient print making practice of water marbling where I paint on water and then pick it up with a canvas. Cutting away, sewing back together, and layering the paintings, I contextualize them into a space that they will then be inhabiting for exhibition. Much like the quilted patch pieces in my work, my history is one that is built on fragments of different times and places.

Residency:  During a residency at the Art Klub, I would like to concentrate on the two dimensional paintings of figures and patterns that have been a new direction in my work. At the end of my time at Art Klub, I plan to have created a new series of quilt like figure paintings in varying sizes. These paintings are a new direction that come from my installation work I have created in my latest exhibitions. 

For my last solo show title "Resolution", I began sewing together paintings in a quilt like manner, building a bed that was used as an interactive piece for the audience to sleep and talk on during the opening of the exhibition. During the course of the event I began to notice body parts sticking out of the quilted bed, and people laying on top of different patterns, inspiring a new series on their own. The imagery I was seeing was not just made to be used in an installation, but also incorporated it in the paintings as well.

Bringing in my photographic background to this new direction, I have started to incorporate a more collage like feel to my paintings. Using cut out photographic fragments from photo shoots I’ve done, I began to build collages that did what my installations were doing in action. I would like to carry on this practice of creating new quilted together bodies on a two dimensional canvas while at Art Klub.

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