Featuring Work by:

  • Artivism Dance Theatre (Pop-up Performance Presenter) will explore taking off what is put upon us and and reclaiming true identity.

  • St. Suzan Baltozer will display work that morphs performance and shamanic fire-blowing-divination-medicine-bag traditions.

  • Amy Bryan will create mixed media art inspired by our New Orleans mixed landscape.

  • Keith Duncan creates large scale paintings that are a narrative of everything that is unique, divers and "creolized" in a manner of storytelling.

  • FLOCK (Pop-up Event Presenter) is a constellation of distinct individuals under the artistic direction of Meryl Murman dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary performance through inquiry, curiosity and play.

  • Jacqueline Ehle Inglefield will repurpose plastic containers in her Shrine to the Wetlands. Taking what is left after consumption, she quilts a kaleidoscopic new skin and brings the world of the endangered swamp to the city, all the while highlighting our addiction to plastic.

  • Ryuta Iwashita will present a painting/performance project involving racial, ethnic and cultural mysteries and puzzlements over a vast concept of being Asian in the South.

  • Reese Johanson is the Art Klub founder, producer, and dance theatre artist who will choreograph and perform new works drawn from forgotten roots and heartbeats, bringing ancestry to a bold rebirth.

  • Chris Lawson will exhibit mixed media works and installations inspired by the river winds that blow through his Holy Cross house.

  • Cree McCree is a fashion designer who up-cycles and re-imagines couture and costume.