Feb/Mar 2018: Chandler Thomas

Chandler-Thomas-bedside manners.jpg

Artist-in-Residence: Chandler Thomas

Thomas manipulates materials of her personal history to display transformations in her identity and persona. She items materials of significance, such as her discarded underwear, T-shirts of past lovers, etc., and performs blending body and material through actions including arm-knitting herself into cocoons or “macrame-ing” herself into particular position.

Tactile engagement with these materials informs her re-purposing of these materials into wearable items intended for performance, public events, etc. "For example, in reaction to Cardi B’s single 'Bodak Yellow' and her emphasis on 'red bottoms' (Christian Louboutin heels), I painted the bottoms of all of my childhood Barbie shoes with red nail polish (as child-me would have done to emulate a high-powered female persona), sewed them onto my old padded brassiere and transformed that into a set of removable shoulder-pads." This work stands alone as social commentary, or can communicate with other fashion pieces." 

Thomas will wear her sculptural work in performance and to public events, pushing audience interaction with the work. Thomas will play with the "divide" between virtual and in-person interaction, while using her twitch.tv channel, social media, and live performance of transformations of self using material and body.

Chandler Thomas Website