February 2018: Studio Habeas Corpus

Studio Habeas Corpus.jpg

Artist-in-Residence: Studio Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus is a research & design studio focused on materiality and the body through dress, architecture, dance, & history. It is organized as an absolute monarchy, currently ruled by Faune Stevens. Its headquarters have just been moved to New Orleans.

Studio Habeas Corpus will embark upon a free-form exploration of the textile histories of New Orleans & Louisiana, revolving primarily around cotton and indigo. Traces of past local industries & their cohort of human & environmental exploitation, mirroring the current fast fashion world and its own cohort of human & environmental exploitation. The possibility of mending and creating new garments for ourselves, the possibility of healing through fiber & color, both literally and metaphorically.

The final work might be a mix of installation pieces (textiles mostly, maybe text & prints - textiles could be at the scale of garments or drapes / curtains) and performative interventions (maybe a free hand-sewing hour / workshop everyday, maybe a collaborative sewing project).