Since 2007, Art Klub NOLA has acted as a resource for both emerging and seasoned artists for the expansion of production needs, public relations and contacts. We foster projects that use creativity to connect our community.


Art Klub NOLA Inc. is an artist community and production company on a quest to create and expand collaborations that enhance and promote artistic expression and opportunity. Our mission is to act as a resource for both emerging and seasoned artists for expanding production needs, public relations and contacts. By way of our services and programming, artists tap into resources and opportunities to expand their careers, gain experience, widen their audience base and connect with other artists. Through our presenting events the community benefits through a greater access to the arts, as we offer our productions at affordable prices and in non-traditional, easily-accessible spaces. Art Klub NOLA Inc. is a 501-C3, not for profit organization, founded in 2007.


Art Klub NOLA Inc. acts as an umbrella and fiscal sponsor for Arts and Community Organizations and Individuals who are seeking funding from donors, grantors and foundations. If you, or your organization’s mission or project is aligned with the Art Klub NOLA Inc. mission, and if you are seeking funding that requires, or could be supported by, partnering with Art Klub NOLA Inc. please reach out to us. We are here to help and support the arts and community.

Please submit a proposal using the form on this page.


All applications and Projects are reviewed and evaluated by Art Klub NOLA Inc. board members and/or advisory committee members. Art Klub NOLA Inc will review submissions based solely upon the merits of the application and eligibility requirements including:

  • Adherence to Art Klub NOLA Inc mission
  • Project merit
  • Cultural impact
  • Feasibility (likelihood of success)

Partnership with Art Klub NOLA Inc. means that Art Klub NOLA Inc. endorses the views of the Partner and participants involved in the Project. Recipients are required to comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, and their activities should not bring Art Klub NOLA Inc. into disrepute.



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