january 2019 - clifford mcpeek

Artist-in-Residence: Clifford McPeek

Clifford McPeek is Art Klub’s New Music Director!

Clifford has over 30 years as a professional musician and music teacher. He plays and teaches all brass instruments as well as guitar, bass and beats. He will be leading the Kids Brass Jam sessions.

Artist Bio: Clifford has many interests in art and music. Writing music and directing bands was his first interest in the 1980's, providing travel, exposure and experience. Opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1985 and performing with the Dead Kennedy's, in addition to performing for University bands for scholarships began an interest in different parts of society. Later in the 1990's he worked for public schools and art organizations in Chattanooga, TN and Birmingham, AL, including The Shaking Ray Levi Society, Barking Legs Theater and Birmingham Art Association. Working for cruise lines as an instrumentalist from 1999-2004, he began writing shows for bigger stages. After 2005, he became interested in Marching Bands and music lessons in New Orleans and continues to support and participate in many arts activities.

Artist Statement: At Art Klub NOLA, we want to do a variety of things in addition to build and operate small floats, and maybe move into building medium sized floats. Music floats have received some notoriety, we want to follow those traditions seen in the swamp boogie floats from all over the state, including for some variation. The music float is a rolling stage, that can be put to use with dancers and larger bands, currently, we just have the rhythm section on the float, just park and play and perform a short show may be very beneficial as a community activity.

There are several phases to the experimental process, we are currently building and testing float designs. First design with Herman Kron from the New Orleans Art Center 3330 St. Claude in the 2018 Chewbacchus Parade proved successful and a new variation is being built. The music float will have battery operated PA speakers and mixer for battery powered keyboards, drum machine, microphones and electric guitar and bass. There can be many dance components that explore different themes and costumes throughout the year as well as the many dance styles. Music exploration, education and memorization are central ideas for this float, which can be part of some public schools. Also, it can combine involvements in local businesses for public activity.

Artists may use multi-media paints and decorations, lights and music and costumes to effect various events, like a back to school party, end of summer, halloween, christmas, easter and a variety of other holidays and special events.