July 2017: Derek Brueckner

Derek Brueckner is an artist and educator who creates, curates, and participates in collaborative performances where he integrates various environments, prosthetic surfaces, audio/voice recordings, text, live-feed and pre-recorded video projections.

Derek's work involves collaborating with dancers, musicians, actors, opera singers, and other visual artists. He intends to utilize his residency time at the Art Klub creating a new series of video, drawings, paintings, and installations based on collaborations with New Orleans* artists.

View the Paintings Derek has been working on since he left NOLA on Aug 2.

You can learn more about Derek Brueckner here.

If you are interested in collaborating with Derek Brueckner, please email him here.


As a newcomer to New Orleans the Art Klub immediately became my cultural epicenter during my 2 month artist residency at the Art Klub. In collaboration with the Art Klub I made many strong connections with artists and various performers who were all so ready to collaborate and support me during my residency. My final collaborative performance at the Art Klub included 10 participants on stage bringing an amazing and unforgettable conclusion to my first time in New Orleans. This experience at the Art Klub has now created other opportunities that include a performance project in 2018 at another New Orleans arts organization.

Over the years I have done residencies in Canada, Italy, Brooklyn, Queens, Chicago, and Vermont and would gladly return to the Art Klub given the opportunity to do so again. I am convinced that any cultural workers who keeps an open mind, and who pro-actively participates with the Art Klub community and the local New Orleans arts community in general will be blessed with an unforgettable experience at the Art Klub.
— Derek Brueckner, Artist and Educator