july-august 2019: Emily Jones + Hannah Krafcik

Photo by Intisar Abioto at New Expressive Works

This residency at Art Klub NOLA is supported by funds from the Oregon Arts Commission.

Visual description: Two white femmes are dancing on a wood floor. One’s body always overlaps the other’s.


Emily Jones is a dancer, movement educator, and bodyworker based in Portland, Oregon. She studied dance at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, and has danced professionally in The Bay Area, Portland, and New York. She is deeply influenced as a teacher and mover by the Axis Syllabus.

Hannah Krafcik is a dancer and writer, and works at a montessori school in Portland, OR. Before moving west, she lived in New York City where she became an artist and organizer for Fleet Moves, a site-specific dance festival which took place for five years in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. She holds a Master of Art in Performance Studies from New York University.

Mickey Sanchez is a musician, video game developer, and co-organizer of Pidzn Club.


Hannah Krafcik (she/they) and Emily Jones (she/her) are artists with a range of dance practices, including contemporary and improvisational forms as well as site-specific research. They met in 2016 after both moving to Portland, OR, and began a weekly movement practice in Hannah’s living room. Shaped by this early gestation period in close quarters, their performances take place in intimate settings, asking audience members to consider their own physical and psychic distance from the content performed. Hannah and Emily work with an ethics of queer and femme relationality, seeking out context and critical awareness from within their practices. Using improvised scores and contact-based choreography, they create visceral works that are informed by a deep sensitivity to power dynamics.

In 2018, Hannah and Emily were granted residencies at New Expressive Works in Portland, OR and at the Sou’wester Artist Residency Program in Longview, WA to develop their new work, switch. During this residency at Art Klub NOLA, they will debut switch for the first time in an evening-length format on August 17, 2019, complete with a live musical score by Portland-based artist Mickey Sanchez (he/him). Hannah and Emily will also teach four movement workshops informed by their process of creating switch. See Art Klub’s calendar of events for more information.


This residency at Art Klub NOLA supported by funds from the Oregon Arts Commission.

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