March 2017: Elizabeth Wautlet 

The ART KLUB artist residency was an invaluable phase in the creation of our show JUBILEE. Andres and I were afforded the necessary time and space in which to produce quality work, and were the grateful beneficiaries of Reese and the ART KLUB’s kind, creative energy. The intimate, engaged audience we had for our work-in-progress provided intelligent, constructive feedback, allowing us to know exactly what our next steps were as we moved forward with our piece. JUBILEE is today a full-fledged, full-length solo performance that I’m proud of... and I owe this in no small way to the time spent at the ART KLUB and in the ever-inspiring city of New Orleans.
— Elizabeth Wautlet, Artist-in-Residence, March 2017


Elizabeth Wautlet will be arriving from Paris to work on her one person show JUBILEE from March 8-20, 2017 which will include a performance of the work on Thursday, March 16th and the weekend of March 17th.

The Jubilee! But can canceling debts lead to true forgiveness?: “You First, For Pushing Me In, And Then Me For Letting You”...
JUBILEE is about a father, a daughter and debt... 
Debt as a mental construct, debt as a system of morality and debt as bank loans, credit cards, and a lot of fine print. Entire economies and worlds, our world, is delicately (im)balanced upon it. There are so many ways in which we owe.

From the merchant of Venice, to Faust, from Greece to subprime mortgages, debt is a timeless theme anchored within time-based repayment plans. It is something we know, a void or obligation we feel, and something we get out of... or don't. 

Elizabeth has created and performed original work for the Inside Stories International Performance Festival in Madison, Wisconsin, the Montmartre Dionysia Labs, Bilingual Acting Workshop and the OuiShare Festival in Paris, as well as the BUC Anglophone Theatre Festival near Versailles, in France. She is an actress and director for The Big Funk Company in Paris and project director of New Voices New Projects, a Paris-based platform for emerging theatre talent. She's an organizing team member of the Paris Fringe Festival and has led theatre workshops throughout France (including Avignon, Paris, La Réunion, Martinique...), in New Orleans and at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Elizabeth is currently an acting instructor at Cours Florent, in Paris. 

“Elizabeth’s performance style combines carefully crafted layering of images and text, live performance and film, and juxtaposing humor with darker emotions... On stage she has an Audrey Hepburn-like elegance and charm, but also a strong presence with a hint of danger.” – Leslie Hill, internationally acclaimed performance artist and co-founder of Curious