March 2018: Marije Nie

Artist-in-Residence: Marije Nie

Tap dancer | Choreographer | Connector

Everything that lives needs to move and have the space to do it.

I believe this to be true for the body as well as the mind, for our relationships, living spaces and life paths.
With tap dancing, I move my feet to make rhythms, creating the poetry of steps. The pulse of our daily footsteps transcends cultures and styles, but inside this steady pulse I find music, rhythms and stories.
I aim to create dialogues with musicians, sounds, spaces and audiences, in order to find what is held in the space between. Combining improvisation with fixed structures, I like to work with other people and to let the work find its form through the process. The meanings will be determined by each audience members’ own experience.
— Marije Nie

While in Residency:

This year I have received an artist grant from the Amsterdam Art Fund which enables me to travel and exchange with other artists. In the course of this grant I have lived, worked and studied in Denmark, Poland and Portugal, and am now planning trips to Bali and Cuba. And now I am coming to New Orleans.

While in New Orleans I will be setting up artist exchanges with local individuals that work in theatre, dance and music. The exchanges can be artistic, but can also be an exchange of thoughts and experiences (artistic, social and economical experiences) around art projects connected to social change, community building or personal artistic biography.

I will be screening my short films and combining that with a tap performance including local musicians / dancers. I am interested to work with any musicians, but especially in those that find a distinctly personal approach to their work.

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