Mar/Apr 2018: Maya Pen

Artist-in-Residence: Maya Pen

Artist Bio: Maya Pen is a multidisciplinary performance artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Maya's work is based in collaboration in order to pull together various works from a large community of artists and curate devised theater events in nontraditional performance spaces. She has worked with a number of community organizations in Philadelphia such as Philadelphia Young Playwrights, YesAnd! Collaborative Arts, and Puentes de Salud to help empower the rising generation of young artists achieve their goals and serve as agents of change in the world. She works currently as the co-producer of a new podcast in Philadelphia.

I am a storyteller; I live comfortably in written word; I love to work with my hands; I am music; I am curious about light and color and technology; I need and love to move—my work reflects an ongoing attempt to find the intersection at which each mode of storytelling can live. I am invested in the creation of multidisciplinary experiences, in filling spaces with the power of story from a multitude of artists, and allowing audience members to float through and interact with the world that has been created. My hopes are always to bring people into nontraditional performances spaces and give them something immersive and unusual, something which exists fleetingly and cannot be documented the same way twice. I strive to transform spaces, and create opportunities for audience members to engage in the storytelling experience.