May 2018: Rubble Bodies

 Photo Credit: Patrick Weishampel

Photo Credit: Patrick Weishampel

I have a lifelong interest in the way dance instigates questions about sensation, ways of seeing and feeling, and contemplation. I make work to open up possibilities and to invite ongoing states of unknowing for both performers and audiences. My work reflects ideals from intersectional feminist action and I insist dancers and spectators think about gender, sexuality and prescribed cultural coding.
— Tahni Holt

Artists-in-Residence May 2018: Tahni Holt, Luke Wyland and Willis Willis

Rubble Bodies is a collapse before a beginning to stage a liminal place in between something that has ended and something about to start. In this space, the labored body, the breath, voice, and weight of a body come into sharp focus. Rubble Bodies resides in a world that knows it is being watched and performs unabashed performance. 

Bits of ourselves 

we rock 

into a kaleidoscope of expression.

Tahni Holt

Tahni Holt is a choreographer based in Portland OR, who has been creating performances, programing and teaching for the past nineteen years. Holt is deeply invested in creating opportunities for other dance artists as well as creating space for experimental explorations and conversations. Community making is at the core of what she does, be it by way of performance, teaching or the rallying of peers toward a common cause.

Holt’s choreography has been presented throughout the United States at venues including On The Boards (Seattle), Fusebox Festival (Austin), and The Lucky Penny (Atlanta), and PICA’s TBA Festival (Portland). Holt is a 2007 Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship recipient, and in 2010 was curated into the PORTLAND 2010 Biennial. She has had the pleasure of being an artist-in-residence in many places around the world. Residencies include work in Anchorage, Boise, Atlanta, Walla Walla, France, and Greece; in 2013 the Suitcase Fund of New York Live Arts supported her residency with Bucharest choreographer Madalina Dan in Romania. Holt is a 2014-2015 NDP Touring Award recipient for Duet Love, which toured to Velocity Dance (Seattle), Pica’s TBA Festival and DiverseWorks (Houston). Last winter, 2017, WhiteBird Dance premiered Holt’s latest work, Sensation/Disorientation. Currently it is headed to Bulgaria through American Dance Abroad (ADA) and One Foundation for Culture and the Arts for their joint endeavor: Spotlight, USA platform in the spring of 2018.

Holt has taught throughout the United States through numerous private institutions as well as guest artist teaching at Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, The University of Oregon and The University of Alaska. Holt is founder and director of Portland’s newest dance center, FLOCK. FLOCK is a dance center for movement exploration, creation and artistic practice, dedicated to Portland’s contemporary and experimental dance artists. 

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