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Past Art Klub Residencies

The Art Klub offers residencies to artists of all disciplines. We request a minimum of 3 weeks, with a maximum of up to 3 months at a time. We are accepting proposals detailing the artist's background and goals for time spent at the Art Klub, and we encourage community outreach while in residency. Time frames and residency fees are negotiable based on needs of artist in terms of space and support. Communication is key!

If you're interested in a residency, please complete and submit the residency proposal here!

july-august 2019: Emily Jones + Hannah Krafcik

Photo by Intisar Abioto at New Expressive Works

This residency at Art Klub NOLA is supported by funds from the Oregon Arts Commission.

Visual description: Two white femmes are dancing on a wood floor. One’s body always overlaps the other’s.


Emily Jones is a dancer, movement educator, and bodyworker based in Portland, Oregon. She studied dance at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, and has danced professionally in The Bay Area, Portland, and New York. She is deeply influenced as a teacher and mover by the Axis Syllabus.

Hannah Krafcik is a dancer and writer, and works at a montessori school in Portland, OR. Before moving west, she lived in New York City where she became an artist and organizer for Fleet Moves, a site-specific dance festival which took place for five years in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. She holds a Master of Art in Performance Studies from New York University.

Mickey Sanchez is a musician, video game developer, and co-organizer of Pidzn Club.


Hannah Krafcik (she/they) and Emily Jones (she/her) are artists with a range of dance practices, including contemporary and improvisational forms as well as site-specific research. They met in 2016 after both moving to Portland, OR, and began a weekly movement practice in Hannah’s living room. Shaped by this early gestation period in close quarters, their performances take place in intimate settings, asking audience members to consider their own physical and psychic distance from the content performed. Hannah and Emily work with an ethics of queer and femme relationality, seeking out context and critical awareness from within their practices. Using improvised scores and contact-based choreography, they create visceral works that are informed by a deep sensitivity to power dynamics.

In 2018, Hannah and Emily were granted residencies at New Expressive Works in Portland, OR and at the Sou’wester Artist Residency Program in Longview, WA to develop their new work, switch. During this residency at Art Klub NOLA, they will debut switch for the first time in an evening-length format on August 17, 2019, complete with a live musical score by Portland-based artist Mickey Sanchez (he/him). Hannah and Emily will also teach four movement workshops informed by their process of creating switch. See Art Klub’s calendar of events for more information.


This residency at Art Klub NOLA supported by funds from the Oregon Arts Commission.

Artist-in-Residency Event(s)

Aug 2018 - Aug 2019: Damani Butler

Artist-in-Residence: Damani Butler

Artist Statement

I'm an experimental, multi/mixed media, artist lyricist and music producer from Oakland California now living in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializing in interactive audio, visual and physical object art with a focus on up-cycled electronics and unique furniture.

I feel it's important that anyone dealing with me as an artist and creative being knows that I'm more than dedicated to my craft. At an early age I decided I was beyond all in, forsaking the standard conventional and safe approach to life, I took to the streets of the world starting in Oakland with a pure and wholehearted intention to do my art and music no matter what it took. For the majority of the time that I have been learning and practicing, I have also been homeless with formal education stopping after high school. I say with conviction and confidence that my approach to life has been a purely creative affair.

Residency at Art Klub

For my next show I intend to implement my new updated skill-set as well as all that I have learned in the past. It will be an experimental, interactive audio, video, still image and physical object art installation featuring a new experimental band, all new works and art pieces, the release of a compilation album featuring selected recordings from the last show and the debut of the docu-series documentary project I'm working on, "Adventures in Art and Music".

Artist Bio: Damani Butler has spent the last 25 + years informally training and educating himself in all areas of creative and technical interest, developing and evolving his skill-set by way of volunteering for skilled professionals in exchange for knowledge and guidance, watching instructional videos, attending workshops and training programs, reading and studying books, manuals, instructions and other literature on all subjects relative, watching and asking questions as well as good, old fashioned DIY practice, trial and error. He has independently completed a library of works in the fields of art, experimental music and lyricism often combining the three as he feels.

Some of these works include:

-Audio productions in the genres of underground hip hop, experimental electronic music, audio art, sound experimentation projects and even coining and naming my own genre, "Crack Rock"

-Short and medium length video productions in the categories of music video, installation and project documentation/presentation, video art and I'm presently working on a documentary called "Adventures in Art and Music"

-Interactive audio art pieces such as a favorite from my last show where I completely extracted an old laptop from its original casing while leaving all circuitry and hardware intact then remounting everything to the interior,exterior and contour of an interesting piece of furniture I found and restored. While still being able to turn the laptop on and use as a completely functional laptop, I then loaded samples of my audio, video and still image art to be displayed and played on the still intact and working laptop screen and heard through speakers surrounding the gallery.

I installed audio editing and production software onto the hard drive that could access an all original sound bank I created as part of an ongoing audio capturing and editing exercise project. The sound bank could be triggered live using midi controllers by anyone choosing to interact.

I write, produce and perform all of my own material as far as songwriting, beat/track production and recording and live performance as well as booking and organizing: several public, private and specifically exclusive audio, video and artistic exercises, projects, shows, parties, events and gatherings, some solo and some to include select individuals in the creative community.

My last public art installation was at a gallery in Berkeley California in October , 2015. It was an interactive audio art installation with a focus on up-cycled electronics, mostly found, fixed, repurposed and reconfigured computers, electronic instruments and interesting pieces of furniture. The show also featured an experimental electronic band I started with the intention of demonstrating the musical dynamic of the installation. The band held private and public demonstrations and recording sessions.


Artist-in-Residency Event(s)

March - May 2019: Alison Huber

Artist-in-Residence: Alison Huber

Alison Huber.PNG

Artist Bio

Los Angeles based artist Alison Clare Huber constructs thick layered paintings that aggressively confront death, mourning, and the effects of both on relationships. Looking at this through the eyes of a dyke and a recovering Catholic which often results in the appearance of classic Catholic symbols alongside genitalia. While studying at California Institute of the Arts, where Huber received her Bachelor in Fine Arts, she discovered her signature painting technique. Creating patchy walls made of construction materials and paint and then attacking the existing material with sharp tools—cutting away false truths until a new language is interpreted. Often hyper-sexualized, always sensitive, and bearing the marks of sweat-inducing physical work—the paintings are relentless quests to understand how love is affected by loss, how sex is affected by war, to learn how you are doing, and how to be free. Sculptures are typically shown alongside the paintings. Huber welds steel interpretations of sculptures remembered from her childhood growing up in Midwest Catholic schools and churches. Using sculpture as a way for viewers to become participants—eliminating barriers and highlighting the use of play as a source of survival. Huber's work has been described as "strong and impressive" by photographer and painter Jo Ann Callis, and calling upon "an indescribable feeling of solitary confinement" by artist Ines Schaber. Alison Clare Huber's work highlights traumas, but only while also highlighting the daily attempt to heal.

Artist Statement

My work has always been about mourning the deaths of people close to me. Mourning deaths before they happen. Wrestling with an obsession with Catholic imagery and burial sites. Figuring out through work what it means to want to draw crosses but not believing in god or eternal life — no matter how romantic it is. Wishing that god were real so I could manipulate him with my body or money like all other powerful people are so easily manipulated. I make work as a way to talk when talking is hard and to give other people an opportunity to talk by participating with the work when they also find it difficult.

While at Art Klub

For the past two years I have been working on my series, “The Angel Never Showed and the Bread Went Bad” which consists of ten mixed media paintings and an interactive sculptural centerpiece. Work that formed from me figuring out how to recover from the death of my best friend who embodied the word queer and helped me form my own queer identity—all while navigating the political landscape after the 2016 election. At Art Klub I want to get out of that internalized mindset and have conversations with artists and community members in New Orleans. To learn about their beliefs on death and burial rituals. How they mourn and what they do to survive. If they mourn at all or if celebration replaces mourning. Learning from people's experiences and traditions.

Artist-in-Residency Event(s)

Dec 2018 - April 2019: Rosalie Smith

Artist-in-Residence: Rosalie Smith

Rosalie Smith profile.jpg

Rosalie Smith is an emerging artist born in Blacksburg, VA. She grew up in Upstate New York, Miami, and New Orleans, where she currently resides. She completed her BA in Studio Art and Landscape Studies at Smith College in 2015, primarily under the guidance of Lynne Yamamoto, Kevin Quashie, and John Gibson. She has shown her work at venues such as The Freezer (Skagastrond, Iceland), Janotta Gallery (Northampton, MA), The Furnace (Albany, NY), Antenna Gallery (New Orleans, LA), Alice Galleries (Islesboro, ME), Brand New Orleans Gallery (New Orleans, LA), and the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans), among others. Smith recently concluded her position as Teaching Artist in Residence at Snow Farm Craft School in Williamsburg, MA, and has previously completed a residency at Nes Artist Residency (Skargastrond, Iceland).

During her time at Art Klub, Smith will create and develop two installations to be installed outdoors at Art Klub, pertaining to struggle for permanence, grief, and the torrid landscape of New Orleans. She will also produce work to be shown at Book Club Gallery in February 2019, Barrister's Gallery in May 2019, and Aquarium Gallery in June 2019.

Outdoor Installation: January 11th/12th/13th, 2019

Outdoor Installation: March 8th/9th/10th, 2019

Open Studios: Early April, 2019

Artist-in-Residency Event(s)

February 11 - March 15,2019: Peter Mallen

Artist-in-Residence: Peter Mallen


Artist Bio: I am a professional visual artist who works in various media - sculpture, painting, and graphics. I recently completed a long, successful and happy career as an Illustrator for a scientific research foundation in Boston. I am currently free to devote myself to my own interests in painting, graphics and sculpture. During the past year, I have traveled extensively, as both an international artist-in-residence as well as a working visual artist in Morocco, Greece and France. I have taken advantage of these opportunities to experience widely different cultures, art and people. The effect on my work has been positive and exciting. My work has recently been included in an international woodcut exhibition in Kyoto, and a solo show in Provincetown. A show of his Works on Paper is currently on view at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge, MA.

In collaboration with Harry Judd, Mallen has also produced and mounted street installation projects focusing on social justice issues. In July, 2016, they created ArtAttack/Oak Bluffs in response to the mass-murder attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando (51 pieces installed in Oak Bluffs Arts District). During Women's Week in October, 2016, Judd and Mallen installed ArtAttack/Provincetown which focused on gender equity and pay parity (45 pieces installed in Provincetown's East End Gallery District). In each case, the surviving art works were donated to a charity. The Oak Bluffs pieces went to the town library, while the Provincetown pieces went to Helping Our Women (HOW). The pair installed ArtAttacks in New Orleans (February-March), San Diego (March-April) and will instal l in Paris in September, 2018.

Mallen will also be exhibiting on the west coast while continuing to work in his summer studio gallery in the arts district of Oak Bluffs, on Martha’s Vineyard.

Artist Statement: I am an artist who works in various media - sculpture, painting, and graphics. Like many artists, I work in series. Each successive piece evolves from the previous and, for me, this process encourages a natural flow of concept, technique and product. I also work in a cycle dictated by the seasons. In fall and winter, I work indoors in my studio, chiefly producing paintings and works on paper. In the spring and summer, I work outside on sculpture. My multi-discipline interests and the juxtaposition of the various media works well for me. The approach and manner in which they are produced is similar, as is the design and the focus on surface and finish. I am currently working in oil on large-format paintings and hand-carved limestone sculpture. I am also continuing to produce print-based artist books, as well as jewelry.

While at Art Klub: Peter plans on being accessible and open as a working artist, within the neighborhood and the community, and to present his work publicly by means of an open studio and an exhibition, which includes an “ArtAttack” workshop, followed by an open studio, and public placement for the art produced by the workshop participants. Art pieces produced would be seen as independent public art and dispersed throughout the community for exposure and appropriation. The negotiable theme that is focused on social justice, and/or of importance, or, specific to New Orleans (e.g. “RESPECT” or “ART HAPPENS HERE”).

Peter would also like to produce a concise artist book on his daily experience called Ephemerides New Orleans (from the Latin ephemeris meaning diary that reflects his ongoing interest in astronomy and celestial navigation. He recently completed an artist book celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication of Siderus Nuncius by Galileo. His work featured drawings of the moon, honoring Galileo’s observation via the telescope he invented. Using a technique combining drawing and printmaking, Peter will interpret his daily observations around NOLA, and adapt them into a concertina-format book.


My recent experience as an artist-in-residence in the UNESCO Medina of Tetouan, Morocco would be the model for my proposal for the Art Klub NOLA Residency. To experience the Moroccan geography, from lush mountain to sparkling ocean, and to be exposed from within to the Muslim culture and religion, were the reasons I chose to travel across the globe for an experience that was totally unknown, unpredictable and transformative. As I had hoped, I returned with my mind more open to understanding a different culture and to accepting beliefs so dissimilar from my own. I also returned with a vastly expanded visual “dictionary” of images: fauna, flora, custom, culture, religion. During this residency, my chosen project was: Sacred Species: Exploring the fauna of Morocco and North Africa (

I traveled to wildlife preserves sketching the endangered animals that the Moroccans proudly treasure and lovingly preserve. Once back in the studio, I translated the sketches into bas-relief sculptures. During my residency, I held Open Studios for local residents and art students. At the end of my period I held an exhibition that was widely attended and thoroughly enjoyed.

Since my return, I have mined this experience and knowledge to produce sculpture, paintings, prints and artist books. The pieces from the exhibit have been shown at galleries in Cambridge and Paris. The pieces educate and encourage viewers to experience a really positive facet of Moroccan culture and the Muslim religion to respect and protect our creatures and environment.

Artistic Medium(s): Currently focusing on painting, prints and sculpture.


  1. Large scale oil paintings

  2. Print making: Rauschenberg-technique transfer prints and color woodcuts. Using print-making techniques to produce artist books.

  3. 3-D sculpture in hand-carved limestone and and cast concrete sculpture.





Dec 2018 - Feb 2019: Mari Kornhauser

Artist-in-Residence: Mari Kornhauser


Artist Bio: Mari Kornhauser is an award winning writer/director with three feature films produced and distributed. She has worked on assignment for various studios such as Sony and 20th Century Fox and sold a reality pilot to A & E. She also writes for television, her most recent produced credits are for HBO’s Peabody award winning show TREME, created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer. One of her episodes, “Slip Away” was a Pen Finalist. Recently, she wrote her first three-act play, “Renovation”, which was work-shopped and produced by ArtSpot Productions in New Orleans. Currently, she has finished an audience interactive one-act play, “Seeking Asylum”, created a web-series (the pilot is in post production) and is developing a one-hour television series. In addition, she is a tenured Full Professor at Louisiana State University where she teaches film and television writing at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. She lives in New Orleans.


Artist-in-Residency Event(s)

January 2019: FLOCK

Artist-in-Residence: FLOCK

FLOCK is an international constellation of distinct individuals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary performance through annual gatherings in New Orleans to create, question, shatter, and unravel together.


FLOCK will be developing performance employing humor and somatic experiencing as tools for re-framing conversation and perspectives around female sexuality, particularly in pre-adolescent girls. Our work will be exploring ways that choreography can be employed as a technology to disrupt the male gaze and allow for alternative modes of viewing female sexuality, sensuality and the female body in motion from the pornographic. It is an exploration of the anarchy of childhood, a time when standards of “othering,” roleplaying, and power dynamics of dominant / submissive are taught and enforced yet have not become ossified into status quo. By returning to the often neglected dark chaos of the pre-conditioned willful state of childhood and gleefully playing in that which failed to become, was lost, missing or didn’t fit, might we find methods for new ways of relating in and to the world?

Development of this solo is one aspect of FLOCK’s on-going anti-disciplinary project The Cassandra Project which translates phrases, chapters and words in Margarita Karapanou’s book Kassandra and the Wolf into transgression practices through various platforms such as a bi-weekly publication of interviews with women creating outside patriarchal standards for NoLA Vie, a short film shot in Kyiv with LGBT refugees, a web-based trilogy exploring sex, gender and power via pop-culture in New Orleans, and seminars, laboratories and retreats free and open to the public dedicated to cultivating eco-sexuality and biaphilia with the body. The piece we will be developing in residency is more than just a solo dance performance, it is a process and practice of transgressing the standards and systems that maintain the status quo and nurturing community and conversation around violence toward women and other marginalized peoples.

This piece will be developed in partnership and through residencies in female run venues in New Orleans LA, Guadalajara Mexico, and Thessaloniki Greece in 2019.

One of our main goals will be to bring these spaces and their communities into more integrated conversation with each other through the performing body and the performance itself.


Meryl Murman hails from a lineage of willful women from Lebanon via Brazil and Eastern Europe. Her queer films and choreographies derived from experiments at the intersection of cinema and dance disrupt popular notions of spectacle, the body, virtuosity and gender. Her art’s been presented throughout the USA, most recently as part of the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans’ 40th anniversary season, and Prospect 4 International Art Biennial. This year she was an artist-in-residence at IZOLYATSIA in Kyiv Ukraine through the US Embassy where she hosted a two-month laboratory exploring embodied cinema with LGBT refugees from Russia, and participated in the research project becoming-Botanicals through the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow Scotland. Internationally, her work has been presented in Spain, Germany, UK, South Africa and France. She is currently in development on her first feature film - a poetic dance essay for queer people who run with the wolves, ways of forgetting. In addition to making dances that are films and films that are dances, Meryl is an active community organizer, arts curator and writes a weekly column, The CASSANDRA Project featuring fabulous feminist killjoys living in New Orleans for NoLA Vie. She is the co-founder and artistic director of FLOCK.

MFA Choreography and Integrated Media California Institute for the Arts, BFA NYU Tisch.

Yanina Orellana is a movement artist originally from Guadalajara, México. She received her undergraduate degree in Dance at California Institute of the Arts. Yanina’s choreographic work has been shown in Mexico, New Orleans, and in Los Angeles at Chicano International Film Festival, REDCAT, Human Resources and Highways Performance Space. She is a founding member of FLOCK; a collective based in New Orleans where she performs dance and theatre for film and live productions with artistic director Meryl Murman. In Los Angeles, Yanina collaborated, as a performer, in the creation of original work with multiple artists including: Critical Mass Performance Group, Jmy Kidd, Dance Aegis and Robbie Shaw, the latter two for Dance for Camera as well. Her professional career includes teaching Modern, Contemporary, Improvisation and Creative Movement to children and adults, including teachers and professionals. As a teaching artist, she has worked with CalArts Community Arts Partnership, Invertigo Dance Theatre, YouTHink, Pieter Performance Space and Heidi Duckler Dance Theater. In 2013, she received a full scholarship to attend the Summer Residency for Teaching Artists at CalArts. In 2016, she was nominated for National Teaching Artists Appreciation Week by the Association for Teaching Artists for her dedication and excellence in work at CalArts CAP and other organizations and schools.

Artist-in-Residency Event(s)

October - December 2018: Billie Davies

All of my music is improvisational... a conversation between musicians and musical instruments. A joint emotional expression inspired by a certain common feeling, thought or perspective in an instinctual, unpredictable, freely expressed improvisation exploring authentic feelings and inspirations that is being communicated to an audience, a listener, a community.
— Billie Davies, Artist Statement
Billie Davies is a very accomplished free-jazz drummer. Born in Belgium, she now lives in New Orleans, having spent much of her life living peripatetically. Previous reviewers have made much of the self-taught nature of her drumming. I defy any listener to distinguish her playing from someone ‘schooled’ in jazz drumming. There is a vitality and fluidity in the way that she plays the drum kit... her stories explain her drumming...
— Chris Baber, Jazz Views (June 30, 2016)
Billie Davies 2.jpg

Artist Bio: Billie Davies is an American female drummer and composer best known for her avant garde and avant-garde jazz compositions since the mid-1990s, and her improvisational drumming techniques.

The music of BILLIE DAVIES trio, A Nu Experience and other quartet or quintet line-ups, moves on from the Jazz, Avant-garde jazz world beyond Jazz with it's own very unique and truly improvisational style.

While living and playing in the South of France in 1984, Billie received a talent grant from Max Roach to study at Berklee College of Music. She made a permanent move to the US in December of 1986.Her 2012 release of “all about Love” solidified her position as a professional jazz musician. This recording of standards and original music, charted #1 in CMJ Jazz College Radio Charts for ‘top jazz add’ in new albums and went on to stay in the top 20 for 4 weeks. Also well received in Canada, the album ended up in the Top 10 on three different !Earshot Jazz charts. In October, 2013 Billie released “12 VOLT” which garnered national and international attention. CJ Bond, JAZZ MUSIC, wrote, “12 VOLT” features exclusively original compositions of Billie Davies, and adds the crucial tyne of 'composer/arranger' to her sterling artistic fork, augmenting fearless innovation. Jan Hocek of His Voice in Prague wrote: ”Without hesitation - HIGH VOLTAGE avant-garde JAZZ - one of the most remarkable trio albums of the year!" In 2013 Billie Davies received the "Jazz Artist of the Year" Award by the 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. In March of 2014 she moved to New Orleans where she has graced stages ever since and where she recorded her album "Hand In Hand In The Hand Of The Moon" in 2015. She received more national and international attention due to a player feature in Downbeat Magazine May 2016 edition, "BILLIE DAVIES '20 Years Stronger'". "On Hollywood Boulevard", her CD released in 12/10/2016 became a January 2017 Editor's Pick on December 2017 Billie Davies was nominated for "Best Contemporary Jazz Artist" in New Orleans by OffBeat Magazine. Many Articles and reviews have been written on her music from Prague to Belgium to London to New York to San Jose.

We will be working on further exploring "PERSPECTIVES" and more perfecting our improvisational and neo-humanistic expressionist skills through abstraction in music.

The permanent line-up for the 3-month residency will be Billie Davies on drums, Evan Oberla on keys and trombone, Oliver Watkinson on bass and Iris P. vocals.


June 2018 - December 2018: Clifford McPeek

Artist-in-Residence: Clifford McPeek

Artist Bio: Clifford has many interests in art and music. Writing music and directing bands was his first interest in the 1980's, providing travel, exposure and experience. Opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1985 and performing with the Dead Kennedy's, in addition to performing for University bands for scholarships began an interest in different parts of society. Later in the 1990's he worked for public schools and art organizations in Chattanooga, TN and Birmingham, AL, including The Shaking Ray Levi Society, Barking Legs Theater and Birmingham Art Association. Working for cruise lines as an instrumentalist from 1999-2004, he began writing shows for bigger stages. After 2005, he became interested in Marching Bands and music lessons in New Orleans and continues to support and participate in many arts activities.

Artist Statement: At Art Klub NOLA, we want to do a variety of things in addition to build and operate small floats, and maybe move into building medium sized floats. Music floats have received some notoriety, we want to follow those traditions seen in the swamp boogie floats from all over the state, including for some variation. The music float is a rolling stage, that can be put to use with dancers and larger bands, currently, we just have the rhythm section on the float, just park and play and perform a short show may be very beneficial as a community activity.

There are several phases to the experimental process, we are currently building and testing float designs. First design with Herman Kron from the New Orleans Art Center 3330 St. Claude in the 2018 Chewbacchus Parade proved successful and a new variation is being built. The music float will have battery operated PA speakers and mixer for battery powered keyboards, drum machine, microphones and electric guitar and bass. There can be many dance components that explore different themes and costumes throughout the year as well as the many dance styles. Music exploration, education and memorization are central ideas for this float, which can be part of some public schools. Also, it can combine involvements in local businesses for public activity.

Artists may use multi-media paints and decorations, lights and music and costumes to effect various events, like a back to school party, end of summer, halloween, christmas, easter and a variety of other holidays and special events.

Artist-in-Residency Event(s)

Fall 2018: Ryan Leitner

Artist-in-Residence: Ryan Leitner

Artist Statement:: Following my father’s Naval career as a child, I’ve always had a fascination with water and its ability to connect disparate places. Employing it as a medium, I work with the ancient print making practice of water marbling where I paint on water and then pick it up with a canvas. Cutting away, sewing back together, and layering the paintings, I contextualize them into a space that they will then be inhabiting for exhibition. Much like the quilted patch pieces in my work, my history is one that is built on fragments of different times and places.

Residency:  During a residency at the Art Klub, I would like to concentrate on the two dimensional paintings of figures and patterns that have been a new direction in my work. At the end of my time at Art Klub, I plan to have created a new series of quilt like figure paintings in varying sizes. These paintings are a new direction that come from my installation work I have created in my latest exhibitions. 

For my last solo show title "Resolution", I began sewing together paintings in a quilt like manner, building a bed that was used as an interactive piece for the audience to sleep and talk on during the opening of the exhibition. During the course of the event I began to notice body parts sticking out of the quilted bed, and people laying on top of different patterns, inspiring a new series on their own. The imagery I was seeing was not just made to be used in an installation, but also incorporated it in the paintings as well.

Bringing in my photographic background to this new direction, I have started to incorporate a more collage like feel to my paintings. Using cut out photographic fragments from photo shoots I’ve done, I began to build collages that did what my installations were doing in action. I would like to carry on this practice of creating new quilted together bodies on a two dimensional canvas while at Art Klub.

Ryan's Website
Ryan on Instagram

Summer 2018-2019: Matthew Spiegel

Artist-in-Residence: Matthew Spiegel

Artist Bio: Matthew has been interested in composing music since the age of 10. He always liked minor key signatures. He likes anything that challenges what a person can perceive as musical and he likes anything that contributes to the dimensions that music can be experienced.

While at the Art Klub, Matthew will be spending time in the Laboratory. Mixing new concoctions. Using Electrical Audio. Experimenting with new approaches and applications for music and sounds, even ones that are just new to him personally, and utilizing familiar approaches too.

If you are a Visual Artist who is interested in collaborating with Matthew Spiegel, please email him here.

September 2018: Daniela Marcozzi

Artist-in-Residence September 2018: Daniela Marcozzi

Photo credit Pierluigi Muscolino.

Photo credit Pierluigi Muscolino.

Daniela Marcozzi is a freelance artist working in the domain of the contemporary theatre as actress, dancer, performer, theater director, educator and theatre researcher. She studies and works in the domain of live performance since 2002. While at the Art Klub, Daniela will hold a 2-day workshop entitled: The Urge of Being on September 19 & 20 from 9am-Noon and stage a performance of Lacuna on September 21. The Urge of Being is for theater-makers, performers, dancers, actors, based on Grotowski's research about the plastique sequence and the body/voice training associated with some biological theories of emotions, feelings and embodiments. This workshop is based on the Artistic Research that Daniela is carrying out at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Lugano, Switzerland (Master of Arts in Artistic Research). Her research aims at exploring the biology of emotions and defining an innovative training program triggered by the latest biological and neurobiological theories of emotions.

Since 2014 Daniela is based in Berlin, where she founded the company/project Marcozzi Contemporary Theater and started many collaborations with dancers, directors, musicians and found a fertile ground for her research and works. In the big container of the contemporary theatre, the Grotowski's training and view of the performer is the closest to her desires and inner inputs.

In her studying and endless research she is interested on the creation and expression of her personal poetic language, which is the result of her entire life, as dancer, performer, actress, educator, traveler and scientist. Her artistic path is characterized, indeed, from different disciplines, such as body-voice training based on Grotowski research, contemporary dance, theater, mime corporel, clown, physical theater, voice techniques, physical and vocal improvisation, dramaturgy.

As a spiritual and physical revolutionary act, live performances represent for her a powerful and real tool of empathy to explore the human nature and communication.

You can connect with Daniela on her website.

Artist-in-Residence Events

May 2018: Rubble Bodies

Photo Credit: Patrick Weishampel

Photo Credit: Patrick Weishampel

I have a lifelong interest in the way dance instigates questions about sensation, ways of seeing and feeling, and contemplation. I make work to open up possibilities and to invite ongoing states of unknowing for both performers and audiences. My work reflects ideals from intersectional feminist action and I insist dancers and spectators think about gender, sexuality and prescribed cultural coding.
— Tahni Holt

Artists-in-Residence May 2018: Tahni Holt, Luke Wyland and Willis Willis

Rubble Bodies is a collapse before a beginning to stage a liminal place in between something that has ended and something about to start. In this space, the labored body, the breath, voice, and weight of a body come into sharp focus. Rubble Bodies resides in a world that knows it is being watched and performs unabashed performance. 

Bits of ourselves 

we rock 

into a kaleidoscope of expression.

Tahni Holt

Tahni Holt is a choreographer based in Portland OR, who has been creating performances, programing and teaching for the past nineteen years. Holt is deeply invested in creating opportunities for other dance artists as well as creating space for experimental explorations and conversations. Community making is at the core of what she does, be it by way of performance, teaching or the rallying of peers toward a common cause.

Holt’s choreography has been presented throughout the United States at venues including On The Boards (Seattle), Fusebox Festival (Austin), and The Lucky Penny (Atlanta), and PICA’s TBA Festival (Portland). Holt is a 2007 Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship recipient, and in 2010 was curated into the PORTLAND 2010 Biennial. She has had the pleasure of being an artist-in-residence in many places around the world. Residencies include work in Anchorage, Boise, Atlanta, Walla Walla, France, and Greece; in 2013 the Suitcase Fund of New York Live Arts supported her residency with Bucharest choreographer Madalina Dan in Romania. Holt is a 2014-2015 NDP Touring Award recipient for Duet Love, which toured to Velocity Dance (Seattle), Pica’s TBA Festival and DiverseWorks (Houston). Last winter, 2017, WhiteBird Dance premiered Holt’s latest work, Sensation/Disorientation. Currently it is headed to Bulgaria through American Dance Abroad (ADA) and One Foundation for Culture and the Arts for their joint endeavor: Spotlight, USA platform in the spring of 2018.

Holt has taught throughout the United States through numerous private institutions as well as guest artist teaching at Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, The University of Oregon and The University of Alaska. Holt is founder and director of Portland’s newest dance center, FLOCK. FLOCK is a dance center for movement exploration, creation and artistic practice, dedicated to Portland’s contemporary and experimental dance artists. 

Tahni Holt's Website

FLOCK Dance Center Portland


2017-2018 Dance Theater in Residence - Artivism Dance Theatre


Artivism Dance Theatre

Artivism Dance Theatre aims to create dance theatre works with a social message. The company’s goal is to generate a discussion amongst its audiences and use dance theatre to express the necessity for open dialogue around important social issues. It is also a mentoring program/youth activism organization in which young performers with a desire to make an impact through their artistry can come together with professionals and collaborate. In this way, we strive to both produce work that speaks to the current social and political issues in our society and to create an environment where the next generation of artists can learn how to combine their passion for social justice with their love of dance theatre.

Artivism Dance Theatre's Website

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Mar/Apr 2018: Maya Pen

Artist-in-Residence: Maya Pen

Artist Bio: Maya Pen is a multidisciplinary performance artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Maya's work is based in collaboration in order to pull together various works from a large community of artists and curate devised theater events in nontraditional performance spaces. She has worked with a number of community organizations in Philadelphia such as Philadelphia Young Playwrights, YesAnd! Collaborative Arts, and Puentes de Salud to help empower the rising generation of young artists achieve their goals and serve as agents of change in the world. She works currently as the co-producer of a new podcast in Philadelphia.

I am a storyteller; I live comfortably in written word; I love to work with my hands; I am music; I am curious about light and color and technology; I need and love to move—my work reflects an ongoing attempt to find the intersection at which each mode of storytelling can live. I am invested in the creation of multidisciplinary experiences, in filling spaces with the power of story from a multitude of artists, and allowing audience members to float through and interact with the world that has been created. My hopes are always to bring people into nontraditional performances spaces and give them something immersive and unusual, something which exists fleetingly and cannot be documented the same way twice. I strive to transform spaces, and create opportunities for audience members to engage in the storytelling experience.

March 2018: Marije Nie

Artist-in-Residence: Marije Nie

Tap dancer | Choreographer | Connector

Everything that lives needs to move and have the space to do it.

I believe this to be true for the body as well as the mind, for our relationships, living spaces and life paths.
With tap dancing, I move my feet to make rhythms, creating the poetry of steps. The pulse of our daily footsteps transcends cultures and styles, but inside this steady pulse I find music, rhythms and stories.
I aim to create dialogues with musicians, sounds, spaces and audiences, in order to find what is held in the space between. Combining improvisation with fixed structures, I like to work with other people and to let the work find its form through the process. The meanings will be determined by each audience members’ own experience.
— Marije Nie

While in Residency:

This year I have received an artist grant from the Amsterdam Art Fund which enables me to travel and exchange with other artists. In the course of this grant I have lived, worked and studied in Denmark, Poland and Portugal, and am now planning trips to Bali and Cuba. And now I am coming to New Orleans.

While in New Orleans I will be setting up artist exchanges with local individuals that work in theatre, dance and music. The exchanges can be artistic, but can also be an exchange of thoughts and experiences (artistic, social and economical experiences) around art projects connected to social change, community building or personal artistic biography.

I will be screening my short films and combining that with a tap performance including local musicians / dancers. I am interested to work with any musicians, but especially in those that find a distinctly personal approach to their work.

Marije Nie's Website

Feb/Mar 2018: Chandler Thomas

Chandler-Thomas-bedside manners.jpg

Artist-in-Residence: Chandler Thomas

Thomas manipulates materials of her personal history to display transformations in her identity and persona. She items materials of significance, such as her discarded underwear, T-shirts of past lovers, etc., and performs blending body and material through actions including arm-knitting herself into cocoons or “macrame-ing” herself into particular position.

Tactile engagement with these materials informs her re-purposing of these materials into wearable items intended for performance, public events, etc. "For example, in reaction to Cardi B’s single 'Bodak Yellow' and her emphasis on 'red bottoms' (Christian Louboutin heels), I painted the bottoms of all of my childhood Barbie shoes with red nail polish (as child-me would have done to emulate a high-powered female persona), sewed them onto my old padded brassiere and transformed that into a set of removable shoulder-pads." This work stands alone as social commentary, or can communicate with other fashion pieces." 

Thomas will wear her sculptural work in performance and to public events, pushing audience interaction with the work. Thomas will play with the "divide" between virtual and in-person interaction, while using her channel, social media, and live performance of transformations of self using material and body.

Chandler Thomas Website

February 2018: Studio Habeas Corpus

Studio Habeas Corpus.jpg

Artist-in-Residence: Studio Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus is a research & design studio focused on materiality and the body through dress, architecture, dance, & history. It is organized as an absolute monarchy, currently ruled by Faune Stevens. Its headquarters have just been moved to New Orleans.

Studio Habeas Corpus will embark upon a free-form exploration of the textile histories of New Orleans & Louisiana, revolving primarily around cotton and indigo. Traces of past local industries & their cohort of human & environmental exploitation, mirroring the current fast fashion world and its own cohort of human & environmental exploitation. The possibility of mending and creating new garments for ourselves, the possibility of healing through fiber & color, both literally and metaphorically.

The final work might be a mix of installation pieces (textiles mostly, maybe text & prints - textiles could be at the scale of garments or drapes / curtains) and performative interventions (maybe a free hand-sewing hour / workshop everyday, maybe a collaborative sewing project).





July 2017: Derek Brueckner

Derek Brueckner is an artist and educator who creates, curates, and participates in collaborative performances where he integrates various environments, prosthetic surfaces, audio/voice recordings, text, live-feed and pre-recorded video projections.

Derek's work involves collaborating with dancers, musicians, actors, opera singers, and other visual artists. He intends to utilize his residency time at the Art Klub creating a new series of video, drawings, paintings, and installations based on collaborations with New Orleans* artists.

View the Paintings Derek has been working on since he left NOLA on Aug 2.

You can learn more about Derek Brueckner here.

If you are interested in collaborating with Derek Brueckner, please email him here.


As a newcomer to New Orleans the Art Klub immediately became my cultural epicenter during my 2 month artist residency at the Art Klub. In collaboration with the Art Klub I made many strong connections with artists and various performers who were all so ready to collaborate and support me during my residency. My final collaborative performance at the Art Klub included 10 participants on stage bringing an amazing and unforgettable conclusion to my first time in New Orleans. This experience at the Art Klub has now created other opportunities that include a performance project in 2018 at another New Orleans arts organization.

Over the years I have done residencies in Canada, Italy, Brooklyn, Queens, Chicago, and Vermont and would gladly return to the Art Klub given the opportunity to do so again. I am convinced that any cultural workers who keeps an open mind, and who pro-actively participates with the Art Klub community and the local New Orleans arts community in general will be blessed with an unforgettable experience at the Art Klub.
— Derek Brueckner, Artist and Educator

June 2017: Mark Mikunas

Mark Mikunas has historically been a software engineer and online course instructor/designer, but recently has become an entrepreneur and launched SerenadeMe, a business which combines his love of music and song writing with technology and creativity.

Mark was called to New Orleans to get away from the bluster of Chicago. His residency at the Art Klub is part of longer journey; he is working on an album of 365 songs. A diary of poetry, prose, photography, an honest attempt to make sense of this life and to see where the road takes us.

You can learn more about Mark Mikunas here.

I made my way to Art Klub in Summer 2017. 

Join Mark at the Art Klub for an evening of storytelling, song, and images on June 29th from 8-10pm!

I made my way to Art Klub in Summer 2017.

I stayed as an artist in residence, immersing myself in New Orleans culture, and while living at the club, was given access to many amazing people and events.

For my project, I decided to write a show that involved my new music, performance, writing, poetry, and prose. Reese and Kristin were amazing - they gave me access to anything I needed, offered any rehearsal times I was free, and helped stage the show with me. And more.

Reese helped write and involve several dancers that performed during my show. Kristen read one of my passages, and both were integral in pulling the night off. I feel like I have made lifelong friends with them even in my brief time there.

I truly miss being there and try to make it down there any chance I can get.
— Mark Mikunas, Artist-in-Residence, June 2017

March 2017: Elizabeth Wautlet 

The ART KLUB artist residency was an invaluable phase in the creation of our show JUBILEE. Andres and I were afforded the necessary time and space in which to produce quality work, and were the grateful beneficiaries of Reese and the ART KLUB’s kind, creative energy. The intimate, engaged audience we had for our work-in-progress provided intelligent, constructive feedback, allowing us to know exactly what our next steps were as we moved forward with our piece. JUBILEE is today a full-fledged, full-length solo performance that I’m proud of... and I owe this in no small way to the time spent at the ART KLUB and in the ever-inspiring city of New Orleans.
— Elizabeth Wautlet, Artist-in-Residence, March 2017


Elizabeth Wautlet will be arriving from Paris to work on her one person show JUBILEE from March 8-20, 2017 which will include a performance of the work on Thursday, March 16th and the weekend of March 17th.

The Jubilee! But can canceling debts lead to true forgiveness?: “You First, For Pushing Me In, And Then Me For Letting You”...
JUBILEE is about a father, a daughter and debt... 
Debt as a mental construct, debt as a system of morality and debt as bank loans, credit cards, and a lot of fine print. Entire economies and worlds, our world, is delicately (im)balanced upon it. There are so many ways in which we owe.

From the merchant of Venice, to Faust, from Greece to subprime mortgages, debt is a timeless theme anchored within time-based repayment plans. It is something we know, a void or obligation we feel, and something we get out of... or don't. 

Elizabeth has created and performed original work for the Inside Stories International Performance Festival in Madison, Wisconsin, the Montmartre Dionysia Labs, Bilingual Acting Workshop and the OuiShare Festival in Paris, as well as the BUC Anglophone Theatre Festival near Versailles, in France. She is an actress and director for The Big Funk Company in Paris and project director of New Voices New Projects, a Paris-based platform for emerging theatre talent. She's an organizing team member of the Paris Fringe Festival and has led theatre workshops throughout France (including Avignon, Paris, La Réunion, Martinique...), in New Orleans and at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Elizabeth is currently an acting instructor at Cours Florent, in Paris. 

“Elizabeth’s performance style combines carefully crafted layering of images and text, live performance and film, and juxtaposing humor with darker emotions... On stage she has an Audrey Hepburn-like elegance and charm, but also a strong presence with a hint of danger.” – Leslie Hill, internationally acclaimed performance artist and co-founder of Curious