P.S. 4: Scavengers - Ryuta Iwashita

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Ryuta Iwashita

Featured Artist Evening: 1/10/18

After exploring a wild range of artistic genres such as installation and wearable sculptures, Ryuta returns to his original forms - painting and drawing. His recent works involve predictability and unpredictability of certain mediums while getting in touch with his inner child, as he was greatly influenced by artworks of little toddlers he taught back in Japan. As a movement artist, his exploration of improvised movement has fed inevitable improvisation for creating visual art and vice versa.

Ryuta's painting/performance project involves racial, ethnic and cultural mysteries and puzzlements over a vast concept of being Asian in the South, inspired by his reoccurring encounters with neighbors saying "Ni hao" (hello in Chinese) to him (a Japanese national).

His interest in unidentifiable disguise of wrinkled faces inter-plays with fluid and spacious recognition of selves, which was inspired by interviews with 12 models of diverse ethnicities, who were selected according to their 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Hovering between comfort and discomfort, this series of paintings will playfully render the racial and ethnic distinction even more obscure and insignificant.

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Ryuta Iwashita's Ultra Silent Auction

Welcome to Ultra Silent Auction. For this auction, there is no set price. Simply, whoever bid the highest price will win the artwork. Since it is "ultra silent", no one knows who bid on which work for how much until the end of this auction.

The art work is displayed at this site: http://cargocollective.com/ultrasilentauction/How-to-Participate

If you see any work you would like to bid on, please send an email to ryuutaiwashita@gmail.com.

Please include:

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The auction will close on February 25th!

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