P.S. 4: Scavengers - Jacqueline Ehle Inglefield


Jacqueline Ehle Inglefield

Featured Artist Evening: 2/14/2018

Jacqueline Ehle Inglefield was born in New Orleans in 1968. Most recently, she had two pieces in the Louisiana Contemporary in 2015, and completed two Ogden Museum of Southern Art Sense of Place Residencies in 2016 and 2017. In 2016, she completed a residency at A Studio in the Woods, Flint and Steel, called “Shrines of the Wetlands”. Jacqueline's piece for SCAVENGERS: Prospect 4 Satellite at Art Klub will be an evolved incarnation of this theme. The Chapel of Debris devoted to Southeastern Louisiana will be sewn from everyday plastics that represent our society's addiction to consumerism. Jacqueline paints the plastics she quilts to give a church-like feeling of stained glass to this up-cycled Chapel. She is constructing an alligator from odds, ends, and plastics rich in saturated hues - a piece designed to be an interactive educational installation that will change throughout the exhibition.

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