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reese johanson collective is a multidisciplinary performing arts company with a mission to challenge artists to work outside of their comfort zone, encourage them to engage with artists whom they might not normally and collaboratively create works of performance that are innovative, poignant, risky, and human.

We often invite artists outside of our company to work and perform with us and accordingly, we seek opportunities outside of our regular stomping grounds.

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Meet the Artists

damani butler

I feel it's important that anyone dealing with me as an artist and creative being knows that I'm more than dedicated to my craft. At an early age I decided I was beyond all in, forsaking the standard conventional and safe approach to life, I took to the streets of the world starting in Oakland with a pure and wholehearted intention to do my art and music no matter what it took. For the majority of the time that I have been learning and practicing, I have also been homeless with formal education stopping after high school. I say with conviction and confidence that my approach to life has been a purely creative affair.

alex frosch

Alex teaches workshops in mime, clowning, musical theater, comedia del arte (masked comedy), puppetry magic and circus arts to kids of all ages, and served as the director of production here at the New Orleans Opera at the Mahliah Jackson and also off Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theater. Alex works with kids a lot, and when kids ask "are you a boy or a girl?" kids usually hear:"depends on the day..." You can call Alex she, he, they, your Regency, or that clown-just don't call late for dinner! 

sohalia hussain

Sohalia Hussain is a dancer, choreographer, creatrix & performing artist. Down in her bones she believes that an awakened life is an embodied one. Through performance, bodywork, and shamanic practices, So'ha relates to movement as medicine. She recently moved to New Orleans and looks forward to weaving with the vibrant creative community. 

clifford mcpeek

Clifford McPeek has been performing, composing, arranging and teaching in LA, MS, AL and TN since the 1980's, with Universities and K-12 Schools, Cruise Ships, non-profit companies, public and private groups. Playing wind instruments, string, brass and percussion instruments, as well as electronic has been essential to understanding the variety of ways to write for ensembles and present them in performance venues. Improvisational performance art has exerted a strong influence in conceptual development and has led to extended development in several media. Currently working on a music float for performance, he has developed transportation for electronic instruments on battery operated trikes and a float with a golf cart. The goal is to perform in parades, festivals, schools and other environments that support the arts in various parts of our culture. 

mike mito

Born before the personal computer or cel phones, mike learned to play by beating 2 stones together. Not much has changed since those early days as he continues to bring a visceral and raw emotion to all that he does; an artist seeking transformative experiences both for himself and the audience he has found a home in the funky, friendly and fated New Orleans and would like to give thanks to all the wonderful energy that has fed his soul over the years. Thank you!

stella cecille peralta

Stella Cecille Peralta is a performance artist, screenwriter, and comedian. She has a Bachelors in Theater from the University of New Orleans, and sings with the New Orleans Vocal Arts(Nova). She is extremely happy to be involved with the reese johanson (collective). When she is not acting; she enjoys reading, playing the piano, and riding her Spin bike.

stal philcup

Stal Philcup is a New Orleans based lighting designer, acrobat and dancer.  His career began in New York City working in the nightclub industry at the now defunct Crobar nightclub and the theater group Collective Unconscious. Local credits include work with playwright Nari Tomasstti, the reese johanson (collective) and as the Executive Producer and Lighting Designer for Aquamob the New Orleans based water ballet.   

richard siday

From the stage to dance; for over a decade and a half I have been performing in Theatre, International Cabaret, Radical Theatre and large productions. As an Artist I have had 3 solo shows and several group shows. I like the collaborative process; both as Artist and, Performer. In doing so, I get to immerse myself into the creative minds of others and exchange ideas - the very impetus of Creativity and my life.

josie ygnatowiz

josie ygnatowiz: radical feminist | activator | fabricator | Earth lover | sound maker | DIY-er | movementist | co-founder of the de-otherizing dialogue project 

reese johanson

reese johanson is a producer, choreographer, performing artist and writer whose experience in theater and stage production spans 30 years. She also is Founder & Executive Director of Art Klub NOLA Inc., a New Orleans-based arts non-profit organization. A graduate of the National Shakespeare Conservatory NYC, she trained in theater production and presentation and was inspired by the physical theater techniques of Joan Evans. In Boston she co-founded a performance series Open Faucet.  

In 2003, Reese founded the New Orleans special event management company, Party Girl Productions. She planned and managed countless events and galas for a wide range of businesses including nightclubs, hotels, newspapers, and openings and branding events for museums and galleries in addition to being a party planner for individual clients. She has worked as featured show host for www.nola.com, a columnist for Scat Magazine and was a featured columnist with Art + Design Magazine.

Reese's performances and affiliations include being a company member of Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre for 5 years, in San Francisco, workshops with Mary Overly and Siti Company’s Barney O’Hanlon, on Six Viewpoints. In 2012 the reese johanson collective emerged, producing the ambulatory “UNROUTE” and award-nominated shows “Flashback” and “THEY DON’T EAT CORN HERE”, among others. She has worked with producers Nari Tomassetti, Bremner Duthie and MC Sweet Tea choreographing and performing in their shows, and with Ann Glaviano’s “Known Mass 2”. In “REBOMIJO” she and collaborator Susan Millar Boldissar merged live music, poetry and dance, and with Daneeta Jackson in DJ/RJ Co-Lab, theatre, dance and film were blended.

Teaching and giving back to the community have always been important to Reese. She was a teaching artist with KIDsmART, Upturn Arts and Music Box. In 2017, she opened the Art Klub Venue, an arts and culture community center in the St. Roch neighborhood of New Orleans.

As Executive Director of Art Klub NOLA Inc., Reese plays the key role on-site manager in charge of programming and development, seeking and facilitating symbiotic partnerships, recruiting teaching artists and spearheading outreach for community activities, artist residents, student enrollment and publicity purposes.