September 2018: Daniela Marcozzi

Artist-in-Residence September 2018: Daniela Marcozzi

Photo credit Pierluigi Muscolino.

Photo credit Pierluigi Muscolino.

Daniela Marcozzi is a freelance artist working in the domain of the contemporary theatre as actress, dancer, performer, theater director, educator and theatre researcher. She studies and works in the domain of live performance since 2002. While at the Art Klub, Daniela will hold a 2-day workshop entitled: The Urge of Being on September 19 & 20 from 9am-Noon and stage a performance of Lacuna on September 21. The Urge of Being is for theater-makers, performers, dancers, actors, based on Grotowski's research about the plastique sequence and the body/voice training associated with some biological theories of emotions, feelings and embodiments. This workshop is based on the Artistic Research that Daniela is carrying out at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Lugano, Switzerland (Master of Arts in Artistic Research). Her research aims at exploring the biology of emotions and defining an innovative training program triggered by the latest biological and neurobiological theories of emotions.

Since 2014 Daniela is based in Berlin, where she founded the company/project Marcozzi Contemporary Theater and started many collaborations with dancers, directors, musicians and found a fertile ground for her research and works. In the big container of the contemporary theatre, the Grotowski's training and view of the performer is the closest to her desires and inner inputs.

In her studying and endless research she is interested on the creation and expression of her personal poetic language, which is the result of her entire life, as dancer, performer, actress, educator, traveler and scientist. Her artistic path is characterized, indeed, from different disciplines, such as body-voice training based on Grotowski research, contemporary dance, theater, mime corporel, clown, physical theater, voice techniques, physical and vocal improvisation, dramaturgy.

As a spiritual and physical revolutionary act, live performances represent for her a powerful and real tool of empathy to explore the human nature and communication.

You can connect with Daniela on her website.

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