Art Klub Artist Residency Testimonials

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Over the years I have done residencies in Canada, Italy, Brooklyn, Queens, Chicago, and Vermont and would gladly return to the Art Klub given the opportunity to do so again. I am convinced that any cultural workers who keep an open mind, and who pro-actively participate with the Art Klub community and the local New Orleans arts community in general will be blessed with an unforgettable experience at the Art Klub.
— Derek Brueckner, Artist-in-Residence, July 2017
For my project, I decided to write a show that involved my new music, performance, writing, poetry, and prose. Reese and Kristin were amazing - they gave me access to anything I needed, offered any rehearsal times I was free, and helped stage the show with me. And more.

Reese helped write and involve several dancers that performed during my show. Kristen read one of my passages, and both were integral in pulling the night off. I feel like I have made lifelong friends with them even in my brief time there.
— Mark Mikunas, Artist-in-Residence, June 2017
The ART KLUB artist residency was an invaluable phase in the creation of our show JUBILEE. Andres and I were afforded the necessary time and space in which to produce quality work, and were the grateful beneficiaries of Reese and the ART KLUB’s kind, creative energy. The intimate, engaged audience we had for our work-in-progress provided intelligent, constructive feedback, allowing us to know exactly what our next steps were as we moved forward with our piece.